Tight deadlines can make writing and editing Veeam’s quarterly magazine a challenge – but when the results are this good, it’s a privilege to be involved.

VeeamUP B2B tech magazine and articles

ASSETS WRITTEN: Quarterly magazine articles
TARGET AUDIENCE: CIOs and senior IT execs, worldwide

Matt says:

It’s always great to work with a client who’s committed to producing regular, high-value content and understands the value well-crafted copy can bring.

And that’s what I get from Veeam, one of the biggest hitters in the world of data availability software. I’ve been working with the company’s marketing team on VeeamUP for several years now, helping the quarterly magazine earn its place on the coffee tables and computer screens of the world’s IT decision-makers.

Every edition brings a new challenge, whether it’s conjuring a riveting article from a dry analyst report or researching the data availability challenges of a dozen different industries. But my personal highlight was when Veeam asked for a photo to include next to my very own byline – my long overdue 15 minutes of fame are finally here!

No matter who I speak to at Veeam, they all rave about VeeamUP – it’s seen throughout the company as the benchmark against which other content is judged. That’s a real vindication of the effort the whole team puts in every quarter, and I’m proud to be part of it.

VeeamUP B2B tech magazine and articles VeeamUP B2B tech magazine and articles VeeamUP B2B tech magazine and articles VeeamUP B2B tech magazine and articles

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