Podcast: Writing lead nurture emails people want to open

Marketing automation platforms are now commonplace across B2B, and a lot of ideas about best practice for lead nurturing campaigns have developed. But what about best practice for the copywriters writing these campaigns? Listen as Fiona, Steve and Emily discuss what B2B copywriters can do to help increase opens and click throughs on lead nurture emails.

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Marketing automation is currently used by 78% of B2B brands.

This is a double-edged sword for B2B marketers tasked with bringing together the content necessary to keep campaigns running, while handling campaign execution as well. Marketers don’t want to be worrying about sourcing quality copy as well.

For copywriters, fuelling marketing automation presents a great opportunity. Especially for writers who specialise in writing the lead nurture emails that drive these automation platforms.

But how do you write emails for lead nurture campaigns that will encourage recipients to open them and go on to carry out the call to action within?

Emily talked with Fiona and Steve about the challenges they face writing campaign emails and what they do to get past them.

Listen in now and find out:

  • What it takes to write a good subject line
  • Why you should try something different in your copy
  • When you need to ask for audience personas
  • How to write compelling calls to action
  • … and more

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