A well-executed B2B blog post is a great tool for driving traffic to your website, showcasing your expertise, and informing your audience.

But making your blog stand out from the tens of millions published every day takes know-how and experience. Get it right, and the results can be transformative. Get it wrong, and you’ll produce content that only adds to the noise – or, worse yet, doesn’t get read at all.

At Radix, we have an entire team of B2B blog copywriters and project managers to help you strike the right balance and create blog content to be proud of.

To date, we’ve written more than 3,000 blog posts for B2B tech brands around the world. That means, as well as the storytelling skills to engage your audience, we have the experience to get the very best from your subject matter experts.

Whether you need one blog post or a thought leadership series, we make it easy to turn your people’s technical expertise into content your prospects will love.

Below, you’ll find a little more insight into our approach. Or, if you’d like to talk about how we can help you in particular, feel free to get in touch.

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What makes a great B2B tech marketing blog?

Many marketers understand how important consistent blogging is for their brand, but it’s not just about getting content out there and tweaking the SEO so people will see it. There’s a difference between people clicking through to your blog and actually gaining something from it – and that’s where a B2B blog copywriter comes in.

A great blog should be informative, offer a unique viewpoint, and drive your audience to act. But the people you want to reach are busy, so it should also be skimmable, well signposted with attention-grabbing headlines, and entertaining to read.

Striking this balance takes a lot of work, as does keeping up with the latest guidance for word counts and SEO – unless you have a dedicated team of experts to do it all for you. And at Radix, this is what we do every day.

Our approach to B2B blog copywriting

From a piece of thought leadership to an event writeup, our writers are ready. We’re just as comfortable interviewing your CEO and ghostwriting their thoughts as we are poring over desk research to find a unique angle on an emerging trend.

We look at each project on an individual basis, working with you to find an approach that fits in with your requirements and results in the best possible work. Whether it’s a one-off blog, or a series that needs conceiving and writing, your project manager – and our writers – are only a call or email away.

Our blog writing process normally consists of four stages.

Stage 1: Briefing your copywriter

Typically, your account manager will send you a briefing document to fill out. This gives you the opportunity to share important details like your target audience, key messaging, intended call to action, and any SEO search terms you’d like to target. The briefing document is often followed by a call where we can clarify any remaining information we need to give you an accurate delivery schedule and quote.

After this, one of our writers will normally have a conversation with a subject matter expert at your organisation to get their unique perspective on the subject at hand. In some cases, this will be supported by our own desk research.

Stage 2 (optional): Skeleton outline

For long, complex, or sensitive blogs, we may suggest creating an outline before the first draft. This will be a skeleton document that lays out the broad points the blog will cover and the viewpoints we’ll share without any of the frills of the final written copy.

The outline gives you a chance to feed back on our suggested approach and include any extra detail or thoughts you might want to add, before we get too far into the writing itself.

Stage 3: Writing and checking the first draft

Once we’re all on the same page, you can sit back (or, more likely, get on with the hundred other things on a B2B marketer’s to-do list) while our writers work on a first draft of your blog.

Before we send you the copy, though, your blog will be reviewed by a second Radix copywriter, using our 16-point quality check. No content leaves the warehouse until we’re certain it meets your brief.

Stage 4: Finalising your content

More often than not, this process means our clients are happy to go ahead and publish the first draft. But sometimes getting the content absolutely perfect takes more of a collaborative approach. That’s why our project quotes all allow for two rounds of amends so we can action any changes you want to see – as long as your project scope stays the same, it’s all part of the service.

Once your blog is ready, we’re also able to create promotional copy for social channels to help get your work out in front of the right people.

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Blog topic ideas and editorial planning

You might be in the position where you know you need blog content, but you’re not really sure where or how to start. In this instance, we can work to help you devise an editorial plan and produce engaging blog topic ideas that speak to your audiences’ interests and the values of your brand.

Sometimes this process will involve an audit of your existing content to see where gaps and opportunities lie. In other cases, we’ll explore the blogs others in your industry are putting out, and create a content strategy that will give you in individual voice in a crowded marketplace.

Our writers help all kinds of tech marketers to fill their editorial calendars with smart, engaging blog ideas. So, whatever it is you need, don’t be afraid to ask.

Blog and article writing examples

Since 2007, we’ve written more than 3,000 blog posts and articles for some of the biggest names in B2B tech. Here’s a couple of recent examples – if you’d like to see some that are more specific to your B2B niche, please get in touch.

Network security blog post entitled "Everything's coming together for Sophos SASE"

Everything’s coming together for Sophos SASE

An example of our cybersecurity blog writing, we helped network security thought leader Daniel Cole to share Sophos’ vision and approach.

Senior Marketing Director Sally Adam said: “The Radix team did a brilliant job of communicating our SASE strategy – quickly turning a relaxed ‘fireside chat’ conversation into a powerful, articulate blog article for us to share with our audience.”

Screen shot: the first of Thoughtworks four "Data Mesh in pracrice" articles: "Getting off to the right start"

Data Mesh in practice

This series of four articles explored Thoughtworks’ groundbreaking partnership with Roche, sharing practical learnings and inspiring others to take a Data Mesh journey of their own.

Radix Senior Copywriter Steve said: “The Roche implementation was a key milestone in making Data Mesh a reality. Naturally, there was a lot of excitement about that in the team, which made this detailed and important story fun to put together.”

A picture of the first blog post: Get ready for PS22/9 – Part 1: The new Consumer Duty highlights old challenges

ieDigital: Get ready for PS22/9

This pair of blog posts became the most-viewed insight articles to date on ieDigital’s blog. To provide relevant, topical content for the FinTech audience, our copywriter had to get to grips with financial compliance processes.

ieDigital’s Head of Marketing, Steve Lowe, said: “Working with the team at Radix has been a pleasure. From the initial brief, through Q&A to final output, they were always engaged and responsive.”

Want to see more examples? Contact us here.

Want to learn more about B2B blog copywriting?

As you’d expect from full-time copywriters, there’s a lot more we could say here. Indeed, during lockdown we hosted an online crash course and Q&A for marketers wanting a firm grasp of B2B blogging best practice. It’s a good place to start.

Below, you’ll find a video captured from this session, we cover:

  • Changes in the use of B2B blogs
  • Blog length and approaching complicated technical subjects
  • Understanding and capturing your audience
  • The importance of providing value to your reader
  • Using voice and tone to your advantage
  • How to start and structure your B2B blog effectively
  • Three-act story structure in blogging
  • Readability scoring and translations
  • Assorted blog writing hints and tips

(Alternatively, if you can’t bear the audio from the lockdown WiFi, we also have a written summary of the session.)

You might also enjoy our basic multipurpose blog structure, which works for most B2B blog topics.

Let’s talk about your blog

If you’d like to talk about your own blog writing needs, to find out more about what we do, or to see some relevant writing examples from your industry, please do get in touch with the team.

Alternatively, feel free to browse other kinds of B2B content we can write.

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“ Working with the team at Radix has been a pleasure. From the initial brief, through Q&A to final output, they were always engaged and responsive. ”

- Steve Lowe, Head of Marketing, ieDigital

Read about Steve's insight article project

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