Podcast 69: B2B tech copywriters versus the “Gender Say Gap”

Female copywriters are an overwhelming majority, according to the 2018 ProCopywriters survey – so why are so few of us writing for B2B tech?

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I once dialled into a conference call in time to hear the tail end of a conversation between the client’s marketing manager and the expert I was about to interview. The manager was breathlessly explaining that they would be talking to a “lady copywriter”, as if I were some sort of elusive cryptid, only recorded in grainy photographs and poorly sourced Reddit threads.

It was quite sweet, really – they sounded genuinely pleased that they’d be dealing with a female writer. (Plus, depending on the inflection, “lady copywriter” makes me sound like I own a very large manor house in the country and can trace my lineage back to the Plantagenets.)

But, until that point, I’d never thought of myself as a novelty.

And in a way, that’s what our latest episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy is all about. Why are “lady copywriters” such a rarity in our industry?

Let’s talk about gender in B2B tech copywriting

In response to some sobering statistics from the most recent ProCopywriters survey (including the fact that female writers are still somehow paid 25% less than male writers, despite making up the majority of the workforce), David asks Fiona to share what it’s really like to be a female B2B tech copywriter.

We’re also lucky enough to have a truly excellent interview with Claire Mason of Man Bites Dog, discussing what she calls “The Gender Say Gap”. We aren’t just missing women’s writing in the B2B tech marketing – we’re missing out on female experts to showcase and quote, too.

I won’t spoil too much here, but listen in to hear Claire, Fiona, and David chat about:

  • Why auditing diversity is just as important as auditing everything else in an organisation
  • How to get expert female voices in front of our audiences – and why it’s so important
  • Practically, what can we all do to make business tech marketing a more inclusive industry for every gender?
  • Why encouraging more young women into STEM isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s vital for the UK economy

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