Podcast 73: our 15-point checklist for reviewing B2B copy

Some B2B copy works. Some doesn’t. And too often, it can be difficult explaining why. But not anymore – our 15-point checklist takes an objective approach to reviewing B2B writing.

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Reviewing B2B copy can be tough.

Every client has different expectations, every writer has a different style, and every reviewer has specific things they look out for. So, how do you ensure every piece of copy that crosses your desk is consistently great, every time?

It’s a challenge we’ve faced for a while at Radix, but we think we’ve cracked it. We’re proud to introduce The Radix Quality Assurance Checklist.

Focused on the five key pillars of stand-out B2B copywriting – accuracy, clarity, authority, empathy and wizardry – our checklist can help you remove the subjectivity from reviewing B2B copy.

But how can it help me?

In this month’s episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, Fiona and David take a closer look at the review process, and give you some key advice on how to use it.

Whether you’re a marketer reviewing work or writing the content yourself, the checklist can help you take an objective approach to reviewing B2B copy (and wrangling your stakeholders too).

Give the episode a listen, and you’ll find out:

  • The fifteen points that all B2B copy should aim to meet
  • How the checklist enables you to give more constructive feedback
  • What it means to achieve copywriting wizardry
  • How the checklist can help you – or your colleagues – develop as writers

What do you mean you “forgot” our first ever webinar?

We want to say a huge thanks to everyone who joined us for our first webinar, “Five terrifying risks you should definitely take with your B2B content”.

Want to be on the next “Good Copy, Bad Copy”?

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Ben C

Ben was our first recruit through the Radix internship programme, impressing us so much we couldn’t let him go. He’s now one of our most flexible writers, delivering sharp and effective B2B content and demand gen copy on topics including AI, analytics delivery, digital platforms, and many more.

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