Radix Copycast episode 2 – the jargon conundrum and making boring things interesting

In episode 2 of the Radix Copycast, we explore the conundrum that jargon presents to copywriters and how you can make (seemingly) boring things interesting.

Welcome to the latest Radix Copycast – a podcast exploring the trends and issues in B2B technology marketing through a copywriting lens.

Fiona, David and Emily in our “podcast studio”.

Emily and Fiona are joined by David McGuire of Lungfish to discuss two topics that B2B technology copywriters often wrangle with: how much (if any) jargon to use, and how to make a seemingly dull topic interesting enough to excite and inspire the audience.

On jargon, George Orwell once wrote:

“Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.”

from: Politics and the English Language

Lots of people will tell you to avoid jargon in marketing copy. But is it really a good idea to cut it out altogether? And if not, how can copywriters find the right balance between demonstrating technical knowledge and keeping content approachable?

In the second half of the episode we look at how writers can make boring topics interesting. David is certain that “nothing worth saying is innately boring” – but how do you find the angle or approach that will bring an apparently dull subject to life?

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Music by Industrial and Marine.

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