Radix Copycast episode 7 – visual storytelling in B2B marketing

In episode 7 of the Radix Copycast we discuss the use of visual storytelling tools like Vine, SlideShare, memes, comics and infographics in B2B marketing, with a special focus on comics.

How effective are videos in comparison to blog posts? What about infographics versus reports? B2B Marketing’s recent Content Marketing Benchmarking Report found that both infographics and videos are seen by marketers as more effective content types than blog posts.

Whether it’s SlideShare, Vine, memes, comics, videos or infographics, visual content is increasingly popular in B2B marketing. But if you’ve never moved beyond traditional case studies or white papers before, where do you start?

In this episode, Fiona and I discuss how to make the most of visual content. Plus we’re joined by Kieran, one of our in-house copywriters, to explore how enterprises can use comics.

Points covered include:

  • The relationship between copy and design
  • Instagram vs. Vine for short videos
  • Infographics – have they had their day?
  • When to use memes a.k.a. memejacking
  • The emergence of SlideShare rants (like this one)

Kieran has been working on an internal comic strip for a large enterprise technology firm. Drawing on his experience, we discuss ways comics – from single panels to full-page escapades – can be used in B2B settings.

Download the episode here (right-click and “save as” to download). Or listen in the player at the top of the page.

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Music by Industrial and Marine.

Services you could use to create visual content include:

Instagram (photos and short videos) | Piktochart (infographics) | Pixton (comics) | SlideShare (presentations) | Go! Animate (animations with text-to-speech)

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