Podcast 54: why standout content needs writers *and* experts

As copywriters, we’re often asked to think up content for clients – sometimes without talking to in-house experts first. This is the difference between okay copy, and great copy. Listen to find out why.

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Every copywriter knows the feeling of being asked to think up content ideas for clients – and in some cases, developing their whole content strategy. But how much of this planning work should a writer do, who should pay… and, crucially, how much client input do we really need?

Talking to subject matter experts can make the difference between “me too” content and a really standout, original take on a subject. It’s why David rates them among the three people your B2B copywriter definitely needs to meet.

It’s pretty clear that an effective editorial board can transform your content – so why doesn’t this happen as standard? And how can writers and experts work together in a focused way, to get the best results?

In episode 54 of our B2B copywriting podcast, Fiona, David and Emily discuss what it takes to go from good copy to great copy.

Listen now to discover:

  • Why there’s issues around access to subject experts
  • The risks of being cagey with access
  • Standing out from the crowd, and why it’s important
  • How deep insight on a niche topic can make all the difference
  • When copywriters should be relied on for content ideas

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