The B2B Content Audio Blog #10: five essential QA tests for B2B copywriting

How do you get an objective view of which content will work, and which won't? We use a hierarchy of five key tests.

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Even the best writer can have an off day. So how do you ensure your content is consistently top-notch?

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts—but there are some tricks of the trade. Here at Radix, we have a set of five quality control standards, which we use for our internal reviews.

Whether you’re reviewing someone’s copy, or about to publish some of your own, these five questions will let you know if your writing is good to go.

Listen now to learn:

  • The questions behind our Maslow-inspired pyramid of copywriting skills
  • How to spot simple, and not-so-simple, mistakes
  • How to pass the ‘so what’ test and the importance of being exceptional

“Looks like we got ourselves a reader…”

David’s original blog post includes a graphic of the skills hierarchy itself: Does your B2B tech copy pass these five tests?

Or if you’d like to try another Radix podcast, there’s always Good Copy, Bad Copy: the B2B Copywriting Podcast.

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Does your B2B tech copy pass these five tests?

For marketers reviewing content, it can be tricky to pinpoint exactly what you do and don’t like about someone’s writing. Start with these five questions.

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