Podcast 80: Survey results special – barriers to effective B2B content

Discover the six biggest content barriers for B2B marketers, and hear analysis and advice from some of the industry’s most respected professionals.

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This episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy is a bit special. It reveals the results of our survey into B2B content problems, and it’s also peppered with insights from some stalwarts of B2B marketing. As a result, it’s a little longer than normal, but we promise it’s worth your time.

At the end of last year, we conducted our first survey of B2B marketers and content creators to uncover the Barriers to Great B2B Content. More than 105 of them took part, representing every part of the industry.

(You can see the resulting research report for yourself, here.)

The survey unearthed some surprising findings – not least that nobody said they’re proud of all their content. Clearly, there are significant roadblocks preventing people from doing their best work, so we dug into the details to see what we could learn.

Crucially, we found these barriers aren’t just an annoyance for marketers. They can also significantly restrict content performance – reducing brand awareness and stifling business results.

The survey also revealed that:

  • Just 14% of respondents say that everyone in their organisation agrees on what good content looks like
  • 81% of B2B marketers have to fight to publish their best work
  • Stakeholder interference and changing priorities can reduce content satisfaction by more than 25%
  • Only 44% agree that the best content gets the best results

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, David and Fiona examine the survey results in more detail, and unpack the six big content obstacles experienced by at least 75% of B2B marketers.

Listen now, and you’ll also hear what four top marketers think you can do to overcome these barriers, including:

What you’ll find in this episode…

03:17 – An overview of the key survey results, including David and Fiona’s top takes

05:58 – Anonymous comments about nightmare stakeholders

07:19 – Maureen Blandford on inter-department issues and challenging cultures

21:12 – Doug Kessler says stakeholder alignment is your most important job

33:49 – Shaema Shazleen Katib brings a data-backed view on which content works

47:44 – Mat Harper talks about making space for creativity in a large tech enterprise

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Nick developed his copywriting skills in retail, e-commerce, and politics, writing for brands like John Lewis, Tesco, and IHG – and even Members of Parliament and the House of Lords. Today, he’s a favourite among our public sector, retail, and cloud computing clients for his ability to translate complex subjects into audience-relevant and reader-friendly content.

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