Podcast 88: the changing face of B2B marketing content

How has B2B changed since its birth? And how is it evolving today? We ask the man who (sort of) started it all: B2B marketing co-founder, Joel Harrison.

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Strange as it may seem, there was once a time where the idea of B2B marketing just didn’t exist. So, from that bleak, cold world, how has B2B evolved into the innovative, passion-led industry we know today?

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, David and co-host Jane Morrin, EMEA Director of Marketing at Udemy, take a look at the pivotal moments in the B2B industry’s history, what it could look like in future, and the dramatic changes taking place today.

And who better to ask than the editor-in-chief of B2B Marketing, industry founder, and B2B evangelist (his words, not ours), Joel Harrison?

From pub conversations to a lively, booming industry

The interview is truly inspiring, with deep insights into the foundation of the B2B industry, and its evolution. You’ll hear:

  • What inspired Joel and co-founder James Farmer to create B2B Marketing
  • How they built a thriving community around B2B Marketing’s content and events
  • Why B2B demands a deeper emotional connection than B2C – and why they should remain two separate entities
  • How two periods of inflection have shaped the industry: the 2008 credit crunch, and this year’s COVID crisis
  • What Joel loves about the industry – and his biggest pet peeves
  • How the B2B industry needs to evolve from here, and the importance of greater diversity

Plus, David and Jane share their thoughts on the interview and discuss under-representation in the B2B tech industry, and how 2020 will change the industry forever.

Jane chats about Udemy’s own focus on diversity, and the recent virtual event by Tile’s Jossie Haines on equality and inclusion. (You can still catch up here – it’s well worth a listen.)

The Anonymous Five: small business owner, UK

For this month’s “Anonymous Five”, the face behind the curtain belongs to a small business owner, at a UK-based womenswear company.

They tell us what a nightmare day would look like, and why marketers should take the time to find out where a small business is in their journey – and the specific challenges they’re facing – rather than just assuming the owner is overwhelmed.

Thank you, anonymous business owner, for your time. We’ve donated to the charity of your choice: The Wave Project.

Here’s what you will find in this episode…

1.00 – Jane Morrin chats about changing jobs during a pandemic

5.00 – Our interview with B2B founder, Joel Harrison

24.46 – David and Jane add their thoughts on the evolution of B2B marketing

36.51 – How this year will change the B2B world forever

47:38 – The Anonymous Five: a small business owner

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Thank you to Joel Harrison, it was fantastic to share some of your pet peeves, and hear you get so passionate. Also, a big thanks to Jane Morrin for being a wonderful co-host. You’re both stars.

Podcast editing and music by Bang and Smash

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