Podcast 77: B2B content formats – copywriters v the PDF

We judge Turtl's demand to kill the PDF, while Lorraine Williams from Lighthouse Proofreading tells us how to proof one.

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In this month’s Good Copy, Bad Copy, we’re talking about B2B content formats with a whole bunch of marvellous guests.

Lorraine Williams from Lighthouse Proofreading shares tips to help you check a PDF properly, while Nick Mason and Karla Rivershaw from Turtl put forward a convincing case for the format’s indefinite retirement. Contrarian as it may sound, they provide a convincing (and cathartic) argument.

(While you’re listening, be sure to check out Turtl’s apocalyptic ‘Kill the PDF’ campaign story.)

Also, David returns after hosting this year’s Copywriting Conference with a ton of great tips shared by copywriters throughout the day. (Hello to Mel, Ashley, Rohan, Melissa, Paul, Jason Isaacs, and Sam!) We’re not sure how he managed to snag so many of you to talk at such a busy event, so thanks for giving the charmer your time.

Nominate your favourite B2B content of 2019

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One checklist to rule them all…

86% of B2B content creators say people in their organisation can’t agree on what good content even looks like. If that sounds familiar, our webinar on 15 content checks is for you.

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In Episode 77, you’ll find…

1:25 – How to share your favourite B2B content of 2019

3:24 – “What did the PDF do to you?” interview with Nick Mason and Karla Rivershaw

9:45 – Our take on the PDF debate and writing for new B2B content formats

15:33 – How to proof a PDF: interview with Lorraine Williams

29:55 – How do copywriters find the PDF proofing process?

31:10 – Attendee tips from the Copywriting Conference 2019

Send us your praise, criticism, ideas, jokes, pets…

Contact us through @radixcom on Twitter or podcast@radix-communications.com (if you really want to make David’s day, send us a voice memo).

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Big thanks to Lorraine, Nick, and Karla for their time. And to everybody who David teased tips out of at this year’s Copywriting Conference.

Podcast editing and music by Bang and Smash

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Ben is a versatile writer who came to Radix with years of experience as a marketing copywriter and, before that, as an entertainment journalist. With a keen ability to ask the right questions at the right time, Ben is adept at digging into complex topics and finding high-value hooks that help make high-impact content.

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