Podcast 71: how to write B2B social media content

Social media best practice changes annoyingly fast – so we asked expert Kate Stoodley for some guiding principles.

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Ah, social media. Everyone’s doing it, but – in B2B marketing, at least – it seems there are still precious few brands doing it very well.

From a copywriting point of view, social is too often an afterthought. Instead of a nuanced, two-way conversation, pre-created content gets blasted out to anyone who wants to read it, in a post desperate to attract any kind of engagement from the widest possible audience.

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy: the B2B Copywriting Podcast, social media expert Kate Stoodley of New York-based Comment Ground explains why that’s precisely the wrong approach.

Where social ends, and content begins

Give the episode a listen, and you’ll hear Kate tell us:

  • Why, just because you can put content on social, doesn’t mean you should
  • How to decide what to publish on LinkedIn, and what goes on your blog
  • Where Facebook and Instagram fit into the B2B mix
  • The hallmarks of great B2B social content
  • The case for going beyond your competitors, and putting a point of view

How to keep up with social media change

We’re not going to lie; we were pretty relieved when Kate admitted that even social media gurus struggle to keep on top of all the changing formats and specifications. Here are the resources she recommended:

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