Radix Copycast Episode 16 – Can copywriters abandon Microsoft Word?

This month we look at the tools of the copywriter’s trade. Is MS Word still the only game in town, or in the era of digital content, are there newer tools that do a better job?


eBooks, infographics, video scripts, scrolling sites: each year seems to increase the variety of B2B content types that need copy. Never before have designers and copywriters been brought so closely together (as discussed in episode 9).

Microsoft Word has been the copywriter’s tool of choice for decades, but is it up to the challenge of modern and increasingly digital copywriting?

I’m joined by Fiona to discuss whether Word still rules, or whether newer writing tools (desktop or cloud-based) are in a position to replace it as the must-have software for copywriters.

Listen now to find out:

  • What copywriters and their clients really need from a word-processing tool
  • Alternatives to Word: could Google Docs, LibreOffice or Scrivener ever rule the roost?
  • Format-specific apps: how do tools like Celtx, Final Draft and Balsamiq stack up?
  • How to bring designers, freelancers, agencies and stakeholders into the same happy fold

… and more

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