The B2B Content Audio Blog #5: the big mistake you’re making with titles

Hear why the present participle is ruining your marketing headlines, and discover a clearer way to share your message.

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What is a present participle? Why are they overused? And what exactly is the difference between a gerund and a gerundive?

In this 9-minute audio blog, we look at the unexpected effect all those “-ing” words are having on your copywriting, and show how you can replace vague sentiments with clear, effective titles.

Give it a listen, to learn:

  • What a present participle is—and why you’re almost certainly using them too much
  • The best alternatives to woolly word choices
  • Why no one in their right mind cares what a gerundive is anyway

“Looks like we got ourselves a reader…”

If you’d rather read the full text of Fiona’s original blog post in all its unadulterated glory, here’s Death to the present participle, or why “-ing” is not your friend in B2B headlines.

Alternatively, if you prefer a longer listen, try our monthly discussion podcast Good Copy, Bad Copy: the B2B Copywriting Podcast.

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As one of our longest-serving copywriters, John’s worked with every kind of Radix client there is. It’s this experience that enables him to compose clear and compelling copy tailored to each client’s specific needs. His enviable creative writing skills also make him one of our go-to writers for video scripts, infographics, and enterprise animation work.

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