Podcast 70: how to write B2B copy for engineers

What does it take to write great B2B marketing content for a multinational engineering audience? We ask Danfoss copywriter Lasse Lund.

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One of the greatest challenges a B2B copywriter often faces is writing for a new audience. Vocabulary, tone, expectations, pain points, turn-ons, turn-offs…

Whether you’re creating a though-leadership blog for tech-hungry IT leaders, or a series of laidback podcasts for refrigeration engineers, there’s a lot to think about.

That’s why for our 70th (!) episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy: the B2B copywriting podcast, we’re joined by Lasse Lund, copywriter and content marketing consultant at Danfoss Cooling, to discuss writing all things engineering – as well as his own journey into the strange world of B2B copywriting.

Technical, engineering content… for a worldwide audience

A Danish native raised in the States, Lasse offers great insight into what it takes to write ‘definitive’ English-language copy for a global and culturally diverse engineering audience. And why writing for engineers is, in theory, a game of two halves: the technical and the business.

Also in this month’s episode:

  • Technical editing tips to make localisation easier
  • The value of reading niche technical publications
  • How to not alienate marketing-averse engineers

More on B2B’s “Gender Say Gap”

Before we sign off, we’d like to thank everyone for the inspiring feedback we received following last month’s podcast on the Gender Say Gap. We’ve never had a response like it.

So, Bisma Hashmi, Barry Whittle, Roberta de Lima, Caroline Robinson, Daryl Newman, Anna McLoughlin and everyone else who liked, commented, shared or emailed… thanks. It’s good to know you care about this too.

(Thanks once again to the brilliant Claire Mason of Man Bites Dog for bringing this important issue to our attention; we’re sure it’s something we’ll revisit.)

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