Podcast 71-and-a-half: ABM copywriting… and an apology

Bad news: there's no new "Good Copy, Bad Copy" this month. The Good news? We have an audio blog on ABM copywriting for you instead.

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Wow. Where did April go?

Since Episode 71 of Good Copy, Bad Copy, our feet haven’t touched the ground. But we couldn’t leave you empty-handed… and so this month, we’re giving you something else instead.

Specifically, we’re treating you to a taster of our B2B content audio blog – a whole episode about copywriting for ABM, no less.

But first, we also have a couple of bits of news to share:

We’re having a webinar… and you’re invited!

The first ever Radix webinar, entitled “Five terrifying risks you should definitely take with your B2B content” will be on Wednesday 5th June, at 4pm UK time.

Not only is it a chance to hear David’s standing-room-only talk from B2B Expo, and pick up some tips to improve your content, but you’ll also get an opportunity to ask us questions, and to interact with other podcast listeners. It’ll be fun!

*Please* don’t let our chair be “Chairy McChairface”

If you have a name suggestion for our lovely new-old Eames Chair, you still have time to head over to Twitter and suggest it… you might even win a copy of our content marketing board game, “Funnel!”

Entries will remain open until… well, until someone suggests something better than “Chairy McChairface”, frankly.

OK, so what’s this audio blog?

Darling, where have you been?

The B2B Content Audio Blog is a series of short podcasts, featuring greatest hits from the Radix blog archives. The episode we’re featuring here is based on David’s blog post Copywriting for Account-Based Marketing: what marketers (and content writers) need to know.

If you like it, there are a dozen others to choose from. You can find them on the Radix website, or Spotify, on iTunes, or our RSS Feed, if you like.

We’re thinking of bringing it back for another season, so we’d love to know what you think.

Want to be on the next “Good Copy, Bad Copy”?

The podcast will be back to normal next month, we promise. Got comments or questions? Contact us through @radixcom on Twitter or podcast@radix-communications.com (the best thing you can do is send us a voice memo).

How to listen


Podcast editing and music by Bang and Smash.

(Except for the Audio Blog theme tune, which is “Chinny Reckon” by the Nye Bevans.)

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Webinar: 5 terrifying risks you should definitely take with your B2B content

In the first ever Radix webinar, you'll learn five calculated risks that'll make your B2B content stand out... and some smart ways to get your stakeholders to agree. *This webinar has now ended.*

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