Done well, account-based marketing (ABM) can yield an unbelievable return on your investment. But it does take good writing.

After all, you’re sending detailed, personalised content direct to a named contact at an important account. If it doesn’t deliver when they read it, there are no second chances. Whatever you send, it needs to be specific, well-researched, and written with some authority.

Broadly, we can write three kinds of account-based marketing content:

Strategic ABM content: A bespoke asset focused wholly on an individual account – even an individual decision-maker. It’s a bold move, but writing an entire document for an audience of one can be a sound investment if, say, it helps you make that RFP shortlist.

“ABM Lite” reports: If you’re targeting a particular market segment, perhaps with individualised versions of a main research report, that’s where our combination of scale and sector expertise really comes into its own. We pick up a project that might otherwise take you months – or involve herding multiple writers – and help you deliver it quickly (and without migraines). You can find an award-nominated example of this approach, here.

Programmatic ABM: This has more in common with established marketing automation techniques, so our experience in writing multi-touch lead nurture content is valuable. If you bring us your campaign, and the personalisation variables you’re working with, we can write your key messaging as many ways as you’d like.

Ultimately, writing good account-based marketing content in-house is difficult because you’re too close; the natural temptation is to make it less about the reader, and more about you. We’ll ask you the right questions to create a piece of content your key account will actually want to read.

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“ I appreciate the way you’re so responsive to our needs. Knowing we’re going to receive high quality copy, to a strict deadline, makes my marketing planning so much easier. ”

- Laure Durrbach, Marcom Manager, Danfoss

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