Podcast 85: B2B blog writing statistics – what’s changed, and why?

Join David and Katy on a stat-packed exploration of B2B blog writing in 2020, including a surprising look at just how much blogging attitudes have changed over the past five years.

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In this month’s Good Copy, Bad Copy, we’re looking at not one, but two recent reports into the current attitudes and trends driving B2B blog writing.

With the publication of the 2020 Content Marketing Institute (CMI) benchmarking report, it’s clear that marketers no longer malign blogging the same way they did back in the dark days of… *checks calendar* …oh yes, the mid-2010s.

Back then, blogs were often seen as a quick, cheap, and easy SEO tactic. In the equivalent CMI report from 2016, only 59% of B2B marketers considered them effective – ranking the format behind events, webinars, case studies, white papers, videos, research reports, and email newsletters.

But attitudes have shifted. Today, 89% of B2B marketers publish blogs, and it’s considered the highest-performing format for brand awareness, and the second-highest for lead nurture.

What’s behind the renaissance in B2B blog writing?

To try and explain what’s happening, and frame our own recent experiences writing blogs for B2B tech clients, David and Katy unpack the 2019 Orbit Media report How Has Blogging Changed?

The results are fascinating, and do much to verify that in 2020, blogs are a vital source of informed, long-lasting, and practical content.

Basically, blogs got better.

Here’s a sample of some of the stats that made us feel warm and fuzzy inside (and a couple that didn’t – we’ll let you guess which):

  • The average blog post is 1,236 words long – 56% longer than in 2014
  • 77% of marketers published “how-to” articles in the last 12 months
  • The average blog post takes 3 hours and 57 minutes to write
  • 75% of bloggers who report “strong results” include 10+ images per article
  • 51% of bloggers say their blog delivers strong marketing results

The Anonymous Five:  IT Procurement Manager

This episode also sees a welcome return for our “Anonymous Five” feature – giving a warts-and-all glimpse into the real-life experiences behind common B2B marketing personas.

This month, we talk to a senior IT procurement manager at a leading British technology retailer, and their nominated charity is Sebastian’s Action Trust.

If there are other roles you’d like to see us cover (or if you know someone who’d exchange some honest views for a charity donation), do drop us a line. We’re on podcast@radix-communications.com.

Here’s what you’ll find when in Episode 85

2:30 – 89% of marketers now use the blog format, so what’s happening?

7:30 – Is it ever smart to rely solely on yourself for blog proofing? (Spoiler: no)

12:30 – Katy and David unpack the Orbit Media 2019 blogging report – debate ensues

24:15 – The return of the Anonymous Five, this time with a senior IT procurement manager at a leading technology retailer

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