Podcast 96: how to make sure your B2B content is inclusive and diverse

Let’s face it: middle-aged white men tend to dominate the conversation in B2B tech – but that doesn't reflect the audience, or society as a whole. How do we make positive change?

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In this month’s Good Copy, Bad Copy, we’re getting serious about diversity and inclusion in B2B marketing content.

Guest co-host Kavita Singh, Assistant Editor at B2B Marketing, joins David to share her experiences starting in the UK’s B2B sector as both an American and a woman of colour – and to lay bare the societal shifts we’ve lived through this past year.

We’re also thrilled to interview Natalie Narh, Content Creative at Ogilvy and Vice-Chair of Ogilvy Roots UK, about the importance of deliberation when approaching inclusivity in your B2B content.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without a copywriting tip of the month – this time shared by our *newly promoted* not-junior copywriter (woohoo!), Lizzie Cresswell.

Diversity and inclusivity: what can we do better in B2B?

As Natalie puts it so well in our interview, the content we create (even in B2B) is a “mirror to society” – and it’s up to us to include more people in that reflection.

You may well be thinking about what you could possibly do to be more diverse and inclusive in a piece of content about, say, SaaS platforms. But as Natalie explains, there are small, positive changes we can all make to address unconscious biases and practices that can marginalise and exclude minority audiences.

For example, we can put empathy first and ask ourselves questions like:

  • Who will approve this content before it goes live – and why?
  • How might somebody who isn’t “the standard” perceive this content?
  • Are we relying too much on the minorities within our business to drive the positive changes we want to see?

It’s a thought-provoking discussion that I think many of us could learn from. And as Natalie, Kavita and David explore in the podcast: not everyone always gets things right, so if called out, the trick is not to lash back – but to learn and move forwards.

It’s time we got comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You can find Natalie on Instagram and Twitter. The research sources she recommends in the discussion are Robin Walker and A Tribe Called Progress.

In this episode, you’ll find…

01.09 – Introducing this episode’s co-host, Kavita Singh

04:30 – Natalie Narh talks intentional inclusivity in B2B content – and what it means for marketers

19:00 – Kavita discusses the impact of Black Lives Matter and her experiences entering the UK’s B2B sector as a woman of colour

39:00 – Copywriting tip of the month by our own Lizzie Cresswell

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  • Huge thanks are due to Natalie Narh for your time and insight. It’s safe to say we’ve all learnt something important.
  • And of course, thank you Kavita Singh for agreeing to co-host with our David – it was great hearing you work together.
  • Finally, thank you Lizzie for the copywriting tip of the month.

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Ben is a versatile writer who came to Radix with years of experience as a marketing copywriter and, before that, as an entertainment journalist. With a keen ability to ask the right questions at the right time, Ben is adept at digging into complex topics and finding high-value hooks that help make high-impact content.

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