Podcast 31: How to use an editorial board to drive B2B content creation

An editorial board model can help you publish a regular flow of content that’s engaging and relevant for your audience.  We look at how it works.

The biggest challenge for 60% of B2B content marketers?

According to the latest study from CMI/Marketing Profs, it’s producing engaging content.

It’s a top concern for brands in the earlier stages of running a content marketing programme and still ranks highly for those with established regimes.

Content that engages your audience can be difficult to produce, even with a written content strategy. So what can you do to ensure you not only produce content on a regular basis, but that it’s of a quality and usefulness your audiences will appreciate?

You could start by setting up an editorial board. Borrowed from the world of journalism, editorial boards involve regular meetings between stakeholders and copywriters to discuss ideas, prioritise content pieces and plan their creation.

But how do you run an editorial board and make sure it succeeds?

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, Fiona and I discuss how an editorial board works and how you can use the model to create a regular flow of relevant, engaging content.

Listen now to find out:

  • Who should be on your editorial board
  • How the editorial board process works
  • The tools you need to organise it
  • What challenges you may face and how to overcome
  • … and more

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