We’re a B2B copywriting agency. So why are we planting trees?

As a business, it's part of our mission to have a positive impact in the world. So we teamed up with Plant One to plant trees every time we reach a company goal. Here’s why it’s so important to us.

people planting trees in a field to illustrate why B2B copywriting agency Radix are planting trees.

We’ve been writing B2B copy against the stunning backdrop of Cornwall for more than 13 years – so, we thought it’s about time we start giving back to our environment. And we’re happy to be doing it with our new partner, Plant One.

Logo: Plant One Certified Partner. The words form a green circle, around a number one styled to look like a tree with fresh leaves. It's also a hyperlink to the Plant One website.Plant One is a registered Community Interest Company here in Cornwall,  that plants trees in the ground to benefit the local area, the region, and the world. It partners with small businesses and entrepreneurs, matching them with landowners to help make a positive impact on the environments where they work.

At Radix, we’re pledging trees (one for each member of our team) every time we reach a company target; the better we do, the more we’re able to help. And later in the year, we’re looking forward to visiting the site ourselves, to plant the trees we’ve pledged and see the impact we’ve made.

Our Creative Director and company co-owner, David McGuire, offered his perspective on why the scheme makes such good sense for the company:

“There’s no point in having a successful business if it comes at the expense of the world. As owners of Radix, we’re attracted to the ideas that help us give back and make a positive difference as we grow – so Plant One is perfect.”

So far, we’ve pledged 76 trees in our first quarter with Plant One, and that number is growing fast.

A person in jeans and boots, planting a sapling tree in a woodland.David added: “It feels really good to be doing something so tangible to fight climate change while also improving our local environment. It’s amazing to have such a stake in the future – we’re planting something that might grow for hundreds of years and will hopefully benefit many generations to come.”

Want to partner with Plant One?

If you run a business, and you like this idea, we warmly encourage you to copy us. Plant One is always searching for new small business partners that want to give back to the environment. Explore the website and get in touch to find out how you can get involved.

Want to work with Radix?

If you might be interested in joining the Radix team – and making a difference of your own – have a look at our careers page. We’re always looking for talented writers and account managers, and this is just one of the initiatives we’ve got planned to make sure that when we succeed, our community does too.

Ben C

Ben was our first recruit through the Radix internship programme, impressing us so much we couldn’t let him go. He’s now one of our most flexible writers, delivering sharp and effective B2B content and demand gen copy on topics including AI, analytics delivery, digital platforms, and many more.

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