We’re B2B copywriters – so why are we shortlisted for Exporter of the Year?

Without any tangible exports, we’ve been nominated for Exporter of the Year – find out how we did it.

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We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been nominated for Exporter of the Year in the 2022 Cornwall Business Awards.

Yes, you did read that right. We’re a B2B technology copywriting company who are one of the top three exporters in Cornwall – alongside Mucky Nutz and Feritech Global. (We’re also up for the People’s Choice Award, a category in which all finalists are entered, and where the general public can vote for their favourite).

But “what exactly do you export?” you might find yourself asking. And it’s a fair question.

Read on to get the answer, the story of how we came to be an international exporter, and all the details of the competition.

We export Cornwall’s knowledge and skills

We may not export a physical product, but we still play a role in selling Cornish skills and expertise to technology companies all over the world. We work in a very specific market, where we’ve earned a reputation among the best in the world by writing for leading technology companies – including seven of the top ten software companies globally.

To us, it’s Cornwall’s knowledge economy in action. We invest in local people and export their expertise worldwide – in the form of ebooks and blog posts, web pages and video scrips, and proactive project management. We export skills and ideas, rather than tangible, crated goods.

Our specialised, experienced writers and excellent account managers mean we’re an easy, consistent way to get reliably well-written marketing content that customers actually want to read. And because of this, once we’ve started working with a brand, that relationship tends to flourish and grow.

We can only do this because we have an active, loyal, and engaged team – who stay with us long enough to develop those rare specialist skills. To support this, we recently became 100% employee-owned.

In the past, our team was focused on serving clients within the UK. But over time we’ve expanded our team and our remit to serve clients around the world.

Here’s where it started: our deliberate choice to go global

In 2015, we saw a chance to diversify our client base and have since taken deliberate action to increase our international reach.

We write for worldwide audiences daily, so transitioning over to more client work from overseas was natural due to our in-depth understanding of global markets and cultures.

While our expertise is writing in UK English, we regularly write in US English and also offer translation services, meaning we’re at the centre of multinational marketing campaigns and can write for international clients easily.

We’re also intentionally developing our existing client relationships by building high levels of knowledge about their ideas and culture. In doing so, we can deliver localised, high-quality copy that’s specific to their needs and messaging, while establishing ourselves as an accessible extension of our client’s teams.

Talking B2B copy with marketers 11,426 miles away

As well as expanding our international client base, we’ve also hosted guests on our podcast from as far as Denmark, Malta, Chicago, Australia and New Zealand – building our reputation among international networks of marketers.

Our environmental policy details our decision not to fly. However, the worldwide move to remote working has improved acceptance for digital meetings, and enabled us to prove we can build a great rapport at a distance. Like many organisations, we’ve adopted digital communication tools and have become more familiar to our clients than ever because we’re meeting them face to face, if not in person.

Our working ethos provides flexibility in working hours for both writers and account managers, helping with staggered time zones and making it easier to factor in out-of-hours calls.

“With modern, digital tools, anyone can have a client base that’s all over the world,” says David McGuire, Creative Director at Radix Communications. “It doesn’t matter where you are, it just matters how good you are.”

On the podium with good company

As a finalist for Exporter of the Year, we made a last pitch to win during the Showdown Day, held on June 17th,  and the winner will be announced at a grand awards dinner at St. Mellion Estate on June 30th.

Whether we win or not, we’re delighted to be a B2B technology copywriting company shortlisted for Exporter of the Year. We hope we’ve shown that you can be a world leader in your field and serve an international client base – no matter where you are.

Have your say in the People’s Choice Award

As well as a finalist for Exporter of the Year, we’re also up for the People’s Choice Award. But it won’t be decided by the judges, it’s up to you. Every member of the public has a chance to vote for their favourite of all the finalists – right up until the night of the awards. You can cast your vote now.


Verity uses her natural curiosity and intellect to help even our most experienced writers improve their work, as well as creating thoughtful, well-researched copy of her own.

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