Podcast 67: B2B content trends and analytics – which formats get the best results?

Which types of B2B content get the strongest engagement? And how do you measure what content works best?

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At any point in time, B2B content marketers have an almost infinite number of strategies, formats and tactics they can use to engage their audience.

But how do you know which will have the greatest impact? Do you need to adopt different approaches at different points in the funnel? And how do you even measure the real engagement of your content assets?

In our latest episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, David and Fiona dig into the CMI and MarketingProfs B2B Content Marketing report. They look at the different content trends marketers are using and discuss why some types of content are performing better than others.

They also recap twitter conversations with MarketingProfs’ Ann Handley, and Lisa Murton Beets and Robert Rose from the Content Marketing Institute, about the report, and what’s really stopping marketers from producing their best work.

David also speaks with analytics consultant Jake Kimpton from specialist SEO agency 3WhiteHats. They discuss why bounce rate isn’t a great metric, how you can use Google Analytics to add goals and calculate real page value, and some advanced engagement tracking tips offered by Google Analytics expert Simo Ahava.

Also discussed in this month’s episode:

  • Will better data help B2B content marketers secure buy-in for better content?
  • Why do so few marketers use conversations with real customers to inform content?
  • Should you ever really consider bounce rate an accurate measure of performance?

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