At Radix, we work hard to make sure you – and any subject matter experts involved in your project – get the most from your limited time. Since 2007, we’ve honed a briefing and writing process that makes it quick and easy to get consistent, high-quality results.

You’ll have you’re own unique needs, of course, and we’re very happy to be flexible. But broadly, most of our engagements follow the same general pattern:

    1. New client onboarding
    2. Initial scheduling and quote
    3. Briefing and research
    4. Outline and first draft
    5. Refining and signoff

If you’d like us to chat through the process with you, feel free to get in touch on +44 (0)1326 373592 or

Alternatively, you can find a little more detail below…

Before we begin: new client onboarding

Let’s start from the point when we’ve had an exploratory call to discuss your plans, and we’ve decided to work together. You’ll likely have an NDA or supplier agreement, and you might need to set us up in your finance system. That’s no problem, and we’ll send you our Terms of Business too.

While we’re sorting out the paperwork, we’ll also ask for an initial onboarding, to get your content lead and writing team up to speed with your audience, market, products and services, and general context surrounding the work.

Normally, that involves directing us to some relevant background reading, followed by a call where our writers can ask any questions that remain.

Our experience in B2B tech means we’re likely to grasp the subject very quickly, but each client has their own quirks. We’ve found this step – for the first project only – saves time in the long run.

Writer scheduling and initial quote

As soon as you have a project in mind, contact your Radix account manager to let us know your requirements and desired timelines. We aim for a fast turnaround once the work is underway, but our writers can sometimes be booked up weeks in advance – so the more notice we can have that a job is on its way, the better.

We’ll ask any followup questions to clarify your need, and give you an indicative quote for the work, which includes briefing, research, outline (if relevant – see below), writing, quality review, and reasonable amends.

This price will remain fixed as long as the scope of the project says the same; the more detail we have about your job, the more accurate the initial price and schedule will be. You’re welcome to send us a written brief at this stage if you like (we can share a briefing template with you), or to wait until the briefing call itself.
If you’re happy with the quote, we’ll book the work into our diaries.

Copywriter briefing and desk research

We may write about B2B technology every day, but we’ll never know as much about your subject as you do. For your content to be valuable and original, a good brief is essential.

You can brief our copywriter however makes most sense for your project. Usually, though, it involves some kind of written brief (email and/or completed briefing form) followed by a call between the copywriter and marketer or subject matter expert.

(Our case study briefing process is a little different, as you’d expect.)

During the call, the writer will talk through your brief, clarifying your needs, as well as interviewing your expert to uncover the relevant information and narrative. Often, we’ll also confirm our understanding of the key points, and validate possible approaches with you.
Importantly, our writers’ B2B tech experience means we can generally ask meaningful questions to stimulate a positive discussion, so your stakeholder never feels their time has been wasted. Where needed, we’ll also supplement the call with desk research, fleshing out our understanding of the concepts we’ve discussed.

Writing your outline and first draft

For shorter content pieces (around blog post length and shorter) we’re usually then ready to write your first draft. Your account manager will tell you when to expect the copy; usually, it’s within a few days of the briefing call.

However, we recommend that longer-form assets – such as ebooks and white papers – tend to benefit from an outline first.

An outline is a skeletal overview of the structure and approach we intend to take, highlighting which information we’ll include in which order. It gives you a chance to verify and improve what we’re planning, and correct any misapprehensions or omissions before the long work of writing the first draft begins.

It’s a small extra step, but it guards against potential rewrites, which might otherwise affect the delivery schedule for your finished work.

(Some ebooks are simple enough to go ahead without an outline; some blog posts are complicated enough to need one. We’ll advise you if we think it’s necessary when we’ve clarified your brief.)

Either way, you’ll soon receive a first draft (which will have already undergone our quality review process before we send it to you). Normally your copy is delivered as a Microsoft Word document, although we can work in Google Docs if you prefer.

Refining your copy: amends and signoff

Assuming the other steps have gone well, your first draft should be close to the mark. However, we’re always eager to get your feedback, so we can polish your copy into something you’re completely happy with.

As long as you’re not changing the scope of the project (for example, by adding whole new sections of information), reasonable amends and refinements are included in your quoted price.

One final point: if you’re circulating your copy to a group of stakeholders for comment, it’s wise to consolidate their feedback into a single document before sending it back – this helps to avoid misunderstandings and delays. (Also, we’re not usually in a position to adjudicate between conflicting views.)

It starts when you email us

It’s a simple process, but since 2007 we’ve used it to complete more than 11,000 successful B2B content writing projects.

Crucially, your account manager is with you every step of the way, making your life easier wherever they can.

We’re more than happy to walk you through our process, or to share our briefing template with you; get in touch on +44 (0)1326 373592 or

“ The Radix team did a brilliant job of communicating our SASE strategy – quickly turning a relaxed ‘fireside chat’ conversation into a powerful, articulate blog article for us to share with our audience. ”

- Sally Adam, Senior Marketing Director, Sophos

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