Audiences love video content because it’s easy and entertaining to digest. B2B marketers love it because there are measurable returns.

According to a recent report, 91% of marketers say video has increased their website traffic. 95% say it has increased understanding of their product or service. A further 96% say it has directly helped them increase sales. And 92% say video gives them a good return on their investment.

But writing the script for a good B2B video is trickier than you might think. There’s a knack to balancing the visual with the spoken word, and delivering for the audience while giving the director and voice artist everything they need to tell the story. There’s also the challenge of crafting on-page copy that will sound natural and engaging when read aloud.

At Radix, we have that experience. And on this page, we’ll share some of the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve written scripts for B2B brands over the years. Feel free to browse the quick navigation below, or drop us a line about your video project.

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What experience do you have writing B2B video scripts?

As well as in-depth experience working with B2B technologies and industries, several of our copywriters have a background in film theory, scriptwriting, and video production. That’s a rare and valuable combination.

We can also turn our hand to a variety of styles. Our writing team brings experience in various forms of writing – from fiction and comedy to editorial and technical writing. So whatever kind of video you’re looking to create, we’ll have someone perfectly suited to the job.

As a result, we’ve written everything from two-second GIFs designed to support social media posts, to long videos detailing the inner mechanisms that make certain technologies work. The most common formats include:

  • Explainer videos
  • Product introductions
  • Kinetic typography and whiteboard-style videos
  • Social media teasers
  • Event, RFP and sales enablement videos

And we’ve written scripts for all kinds of sectors and audiences – from HR and finance IT to telecoms, electronics and automotive.

There are examples below, but what we like most about our script work is that the challenge is always different. So by all means, do tell us what you have in mind.

What is your script copywriting process?

The way we create copy for your video script will be driven by your own circumstances and needs. Usually, however, the process will look something like this…

  1. We’ll chat through the project with you, giving you the chance to share the story you want to tell and the kind of video you’re looking to create. We’ll confirm basic details, like how long you want your video to be, and what you want your script to include. For instance, do you just want us to write a voiceover script, or do you also want us to plan the on-screen content for you, too?
  2. Your Radix account manager will send you a quote ASAP. This will have been developed in consultation with our writing team, based on your requirements – and it’ll include everything (except VAT), so there are no hidden costs.
  3. As soon as you approve the quote, we’ll organise anything else we need to tell your story. Depending on the kind of script you’re looking for, this could entail an interview with your subject matter experts, or simply a short brief confirming the key points you want us to hit.
  4. We’ll schedule our writing time and put together a first draft of your script. Depending on your requirements, this might also include suggestions for creative treatment, on-screen images and text.
  5. You review the first draft, and consolidate any feedback from stakeholders, so we can implement your comments  quickly. Every script project includes two rounds of amends as standard, so you’ll have ample opportunity to ask us to make tweaks and refine your messaging.
  6. Finally, you’ll receive the final draft of your script, which you can share with your directors, designers, animators and voice artists so they can get to work making the magic happen.

What makes a great B2B video script?

Words and pictures in harmony

The key to any great video – and any great writing, actually – is to show, not tell. To write a video script that truly engages your audience, you need to find the perfect balance between words and images. And that’s something our scriptwriters have spent years mastering.

Punchy, concise storytelling

The other thing to consider is brevity. Video is a great medium for delivering important information quickly, so a script that delivers information in a direct, concise and memorable way will always be a winner. (In practice, the two aspects go hand in hand. When the on-screen images are helping to add detail and supporting evidence, the script can be much more engaging and succinct.)

The rhythms of real-world speech

The best voiceover scripts also helps the voice artist – with hints about pacing, emphasis, and even pronunciation – and are written to harness the patterns of natural, conversational speech. However compelling your imagery, it’s hard to engage the viewer if the speaker sounds like they’re obviously reading.

Could you show me some examples of videos you’ve scripted?

We’d love to. Often, we write scripts as part of a multi-agency team, which means there are lots more examples than we can share publicly. But these examples give a flavour of the kinds of work we do most often.

Spirent Positioning: Introduction to GNSS testing

Increasingly, electronics design engineers are being required to incorporate satellite positioning functionality into new devices – and testing those devices is more complicated than it might appear.

Spirent created this video to explain the importance of taking a rigorous, professional approach, and introduce the idea of satellite simulation, without getting bogged down in too much jargon. The playful, whiteboard style is eyecatching in an industry that is often technical and dry.

CACI Ltd: Our Data Journey

For organisations who want to become more data-driven, the choice of potential partners is bewildering. Especially now data sets are often purchased online, CACI Ltd needed to explain its market position in a fast, engaging way. This video explains the company’s impressive heritage in the sector, the importance of getting data right, and the possibilities presented by layering multiple data sets from a single provider.

It’s intentionally built around a three-act structure, setting the context before moving into a little more detail, and finally summing up to give a satisfying narrative arc.

Royal HaskoningDHV: What are Digital Twins?

Ah, the classic B2B technology explainer video challenge: unpack complicated subject matter in a high-level way to engage and inform a non-technical audience. (And do it in about two minutes.)

Royal HaskoningDHV know a lot about digital twins. So we had to be very disciplined to come up with this succinct overview that explains the subject matter clearly – and introduces the company’s unique position in the market – without blinding the audience with science. At 123 seconds, we think it delivers pretty well.

Isles of Scilly Travel: Your Adventure Starts Here

Yes, we know it’s not B2B technology. But it’s such a good example of what can be achieved when our scriptwriter considers what’s on screen for every second of the runtime (rather than just writing the words) that we wanted to show you anyway. The script and visuals here illustrate and interpret each other, combining to tell a coherent, emotional story and convey the unique atmosphere of the Isles of Scilly in a way that’s hard to achieve when they’re handled separately.

Do you also write scripts for podcasts, presentations, and awards?

It’s not just videos that start with a script.

It’s likely more than a third of your audience tune into podcasts, and if you’re looking to get on board with the boom, that’s  something we can help out with. Our in-house scriptwriters have written and produced podcasts that have featured in the iTunes charts and been played on the BBC, plus our own copywriting podcast has been running since 2013, so we’ve no lack of experience.

Similarly, we help marketers who need scripts for awards ceremonies, presentations, demonstrations and events. In short, if you need to script the spoken word to get your message across, we’ve got you covered.

Is there any part of the video process you don’t cover?

Writing-wise, you’d be hard pushed to find a B2B script project we’re not able to take on. Our scripts can include a storyboarding and presentation suggestions, but in terms of video production that’s where our role ends.

We don’t have the capabilities in house to make your video for you. But we do know several great video production, voiceover, illustration and animation partners, so we’ll usually be able to recommend someone you can use to bring our script to life.

What should I look for in a B2B script copywriter?

In our experience, a great B2B scriptwriter is likely to have:

  • An in-depth understanding of your industry and product
  • Significant experience writing scripts… that are turned into successful videos (that last bit is important)
  • A knowledge of story structure and what makes your audience tick
  • The ability to think visually and know when to show and when to tell
  • An understanding of how animators, directors, and voice artists work – so they can communicate ideas clearly and concisely

At Radix, we have a whole team of writers equipped with these skills and experience. Just as importantly, we have an expert team of project managers that provide a highly responsive and professional service. That means:

  • Regular office hours – so you can always reach us if you need to
  • Clear, upfront pricing – so you don’t have to worry about going over budget
  • Project management support – so you can spend less time chasing stakeholders and creatives

If you’re looking to create a B2B video, we’d love to talk about how Radix can support you. Get in touch to see what’s possible.

Let’s talk about your video script copywriting project.

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