Typical. You spend ages looking for a B2B technology copywriter who can deliver the goods, then along comes a whole warehouse full of them.

Here at Radix, we’ve built a reputation for writing successful content for the world’s brightest technology brands. Every day, our in-house writing team delivers a huge range of content assets, from case studies to video scripts, and thought leadership blog series to tailored ABM hero pieces.

Dedicated to B2B tech writing

Because we only write for clients in the B2B tech sector, you can be confident that we either already understand your market and products, or can get to grips with them very quickly.

(In fact, if you work in B2B, it’s likely you’ve already read our handiwork. Peek behind the curtain at any brand that’s known for great content, and there’s a fair chance you’ll spot a Radix writer lurking in the background.)

Tailored support for busy marketers

But it’s not just about the writing; it’s the way we make your life easy.

Our clients are busy marketers, so they love our project management support – from budget updates and call scheduling to translations and entire content programmes. You have enough to do without herding cats too, so we help wherever we can.

In short, we understand your world. And we give you a reliable way to source great writing that’s on brief, on time, and (because we quote in advance) on budget.

Need quality content? Let’s chat…

If you’re looking for a copywriting partner, or you’d like a quote for your next content project, contact us on +44 (0)1326 373592 or info@radix-communications.com.

Or, if you’re interested in joining the team, see our careers page.

“ We are so delighted with our partnership with the Radix team. The ebook has already proven to be very popular, with several high-profile public sector clients downloading. In fact, our CEO has recently highlighted it in a letter to his peers. ”

- Maria Winn, Chief Marketing Officer, Mitie

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