If you want a time-poor B2B decision maker to get excited about a technical marketing message, you’re going to need serious writing skills.

Great writing sits at the heart of almost all effective B2B marketing, and it has a huge influence on your results. But when it comes to crafting your own content – or telling whether someone else’s copy is likely to work – too many marketers fall back on gut instinct, on rules half-remembered from school.

B2B copywriting takes thought, practice, and technique. And the good news? You can totally learn it.

We should know. Since 2008, we’ve been developing our own, in-house team of specialist copywriters. We’ve an armoury of hints, tips, and exercises that really work. And lately, we’ve started delivering that proven content as tailored, B2B copywriting courses for other businesses too.

Tailored training from a leading B2B copywriter

This is no generic, creative writing course with a business-to-business aspect bolted on. We’re talking about training content designed from the ground up, specifically for B2B marketers. And delivered by a practising copywriter who’s spent most of this century writing exclusively for B2B brands.

Every part can shaped to your particular business needs – including:

  • How to give clear, objective feedback
  • Easy-to-use writing structures and frameworks
  • Ensuring your content delivers on actual business objectives
  • Practical writing tips on popular B2B content formats, like blogs, email and web
  • Developing a voice and tone that suits your audience and brand

Write with confidence – and see the results

Writing feels very personal, so it’s easy for even the most experienced marketers to feel a little self-conscious. But having a clear, structured approach to writing and reviewing your copy – and a fistful of tips you can take away and use immediately – can give you a whole new start.

Suddenly, you’re looking at writing objectively, as a professional skill. And that can bring the confidence you need to write with authority, give constructive feedback that works and, ultimately, create standout B2B marketing content.

If you’d like to discuss training for your team, drop us a line… or you can book onto one of our open courses with B2B Marketing.

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