Being a dedicated B2B copywriting agency – with team of specialist writers and proactive account managers – has its advantages. One of them is that we’re ideally placed to deliver structured content programmes and campaigns.

Whether you’re planning an ongoing case study programme, a series of expert interviews, or a sector-wide ABM initiative, any overarching content plan needs thought and application beyond the first asset.

We can help you bring consistency, organisation, and scale – so the work keeps moving, however busy you are.

Reliable, quality content for ongoing campaigns

Proactive scheduling for writing and calls

Juggling diaries is an administrative job you probably don’t need to handle. Our account managers can liaise directly with subject matter experts, case study subjects, and other contributors – then schedule the writing time to meet your deadline.

Intelligent interviews for subject matter experts and case studies

If your smartest people are also your busiest – or you want customers to share how they really feel – our writers have the experience to ask the right questions, so you make the most of interviewees’ valuable time. And we’ll write it up in an authentic way your contributors will love.

Expert tailoring for ABM assets and campaigns

Account-based marketing relies on speaking directly to your reader, refining your message to match their priorities and concerns. That’s hard to achieve at any kind of scale, unless you have a specialist writing team. Ours has written award-winning ABM campaigns, tailoring hero assets and communications based on insights from sales.

Content curation for brand magazines and blogs

With a writing team and project support to call on, you can consider curated content projects that might otherwise have seemed too difficult to deliver. For example, we help clients deliver themed newsletters, blog series, and regular brand magazines.

Consistent content builds audiences

In B2B tech, it’s hard to create a piece of content that stands out. But repeating the feat – and delivering great content reliably, for the long haul – is what really builds an audience and sets your brand apart.

Talk to us about the many small ways we can help your programme run smoothly, so you can make it happen (and then keep it happening).

Want to discuss a content programme? Drop us a line, or call +44(0)1326 373592.

“ Radix have written for our B2B tech clients on subjects like AI and 5G – including for a global telecoms provider – and they’ve never once let us down.” ”

- Christine Cox, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Workspace 1

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