If you’ve been burned by inconsistent writing quality in the past, you’ll know the stomach-churning feeling of opening the first draft, half-dreading what you might find within. Let’s end that, here and now.

Nothing undermines your credibility faster than sloppy writing. And nothing derails a project more easily than endless rounds of amends when your copywriter doesn’t quite “get” the brief. So we’ve built a robust quality assurance process, making the most of our writing team to get your content closer to the mark, right from version one.

At Radix, we know our client relationships – and our reputation – are only ever as good as the last piece we wrote. And we use a three-stage system to make sure you’re completely satisfied with every project.

The content lead: your dedicated copy guardian

Every brand and every marketer we write for needs something slightly different. You’ll have your own objectives, audience, stakeholder quirks, or writing style. And it’s your content lead’s job to know about all those vital details.

Your content lead is an experienced copywriter who acts as our in-house guardian for your brand’s content. They’re the keeper of all the knowledge our writing team needs to consistently meet your brief.

From the first onboarding call, they’ll want to absorb all they can about your brand’s character or voice, examples of previous writing that worked well (or didn’t), and your goals and expectations for the project at hand.

Next, they’ll work with your account manager to build and brief the best copywriting team for your needs – taking into account the volume and turnaround of the content required, as well as style, subject knowledge, and likely content formats.

They’ll also lead on the work itself, writing key pieces as well as having final review on your copy before it’s sent. This means we can scale up and down as needed to meet your deadlines, while still delivering a consistent approach that feels like a single writer’s work.

A comprehensive internal review process

Before you even see your draft, we’ve subjected it to our 16-point content quality check. This gives our reviewers a consistent, objective structure that covers all the key aspects of effective B2B copy.

Whether we’re writing an email or an ebook, we ask the same fifteen questions, grouped into five key categories:

  • Accuracy – Is it free from obvious factual mistakes, typos, and poor grammar?
  • Clarity – Is it clearly structured, easy to read, and meaningful to this audience?
  • Authority Does it use technical details well, and support claims with evidence?
  • Empathy – How well does it meet the needs and concerns of the target reader?
  • Wizardry ­Is it in the client’s voice, enjoyable to read, and packed with value?

Each piece must also pass our final, million-dollar question: Does the piece meet the client’s brief and reflect their messaging?

Once we’ve assessed the copy, it goes back to the original writer to iron out any remaining wrinkles – and only then is it ready to send out to you.

Amends included in your quote

However well we write the first draft, it’s likely you’ll have some comments and changes before you’re completely sure it’s exactly what you want. That’s to be expected; we’re experienced writers, but we’ll never know as much about your company and your audience as you do. So each project is an opportunity for us to learn – and to reflect that, we build this amends process into every quote.

We allow for two rounds of feedback as standard and, as long as the scope of the project stays the same, we seldom need to charge for any more. This makes it a collaborative process, and means we can actively look forward to your comments.

Stop worrying about mistakes; start creating successful content

Of course, it’s not feasible for copy to be 100% perfect every time. No proofreader can guarantee they’ll eliminate errors completely, and especially where we’re working with complex technical language it’s always important that you also give your copy a final check before you publish.

But with this process in place, we can help you refine and improve your content faster, with less effort – and be as confident as possible that your copy is accurate and effective. And that means you can plan more easily, with fewer delays.

If you want to create better content, with less worry – or you’d like to know more about our quality control process – please do get in touch. You can call +44 (0)1326 373592 or email info@radix-communications.com.

“ I appreciate the way you’re so responsive to our needs. Knowing we’re going to receive high-quality copy, to a strict deadline, makes my marketing planning so much easier. ”

- Laure Durrbach, Global Launch Manager, Danfoss

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