Human Resources is just that: human. It’s an industry that’s all-in on the connections and interactions between people at work. And that can make knowing the best way to write about it – and the technology that supports it – a difficult task.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a range of HR-focused businesses – from ER plaform providers and HCM giants to mental health first aid trainers – so our writers have a strong understanding of all the different moving parts that make human resources work.

(And if you want to talk about something that’s new to us, we’re good at getting up to speed quickly.)

How we write effective HR content

Keep the ‘human’ in human resources

The first thing to understand about writing for HR – or employee relations (ER) – is that the tech is just the enabler. We write content that focuses on the real-world benefits of the tech, not just the nuts and bolts of how it works and what it integrates with.

Balance the needs of people and the business

HR leaders have an incredibly difficult challenge – finding the point where employee needs and business requirements intersect neatly, sustainably, and profitably. Our writers know how to pinpoint the centre of that Venn diagram, highlighting both the human impacts and organisational benefits of a solution.

Support the whole team

Marketing may be targeted at decision-makers, but when it comes to ER, we know you need to think about direct managers, too. They handle most day-to-day people management, and are the front line in making sure policies and procedures are followed properly. So good content should take their needs into consideration – especially as empowered managers can make HR’s lives so much simpler by reducing formal interventions and escalations.

Understand the employee lifecycle

From recruitment and onboarding, to everyday work life and exit interviews, our writers are familiar with every step of an employee’s journey – and how technology factors into each stage. Wherever your solution slots in, we can write clear, compelling copy about all its features and benefits.

Which formats work best for HR tech content?

We’re writers, not content strategists. But we have seen some key content formats get good results for our clients over the years:


Chunky, digestible blogs are an ideal content format for most industries, but they really come into their own when they’re timely and topical. There are often news stories, new research, or changes in legislation that affect HR, and blogs are a great way to share opinions and thought leadership from your brand and its experts.


HR is an industry that lends itself to statistics. From recruitment costs to gender splits in a workforce, there’s often a strong set of numbers you can anchor your message to – with bonus points if it’s original research. Infographics are also a handy accompaniment to bigger content pieces, offering a shareable enticement into downloading an ebook, for example.


Like most leaders, HR decision-makers don’t usually have a lot of time on their hands to read a 15-page white paper. In-depth but not overly complex, ebooks are perfect for digging into a topic in more detail without getting too technical. (Below, you’ll find a couple of particularly good examples of HR-focused ebooks that we’ve worked on.)

Case management in point: our work with HR clients

Our copywriters have worked on content for B2B tech clients across the HR industry, responding to some of its biggest challenges:

  • Managing persistent absenteeism
  • Recruiting and retaining talent
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Simplifying case management
  • Reducing escalations and formal interventions
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and legislation
  • Handling disability, mental health, and other sensitive topics

For example, we wrote a detailed examination of hidden hiring biases in recruitment for SkillSurvey. Aimed specifically at US-based recruitment managers, this ebook makes the case for data-driven hiring practices to help remove unconscious bias from the way organisations assess their candidate pool.

We’ve also created a research report-based ebook for AdviserPlus, exploring mental health in the workplace and how businesses can ensure employees’ wellbeing. With our help, a complex and data-heavy set of survey responses from 145 industry leaders became a concise, easily digestible document.

The ebook summarised three key findings: the rise in mental health-related sickness among men; the persistent problem in financial services; and the lack of awareness at board level. Each takes up a single page, with the all-important stats front and centre.

Talk to us about HR tech copywriting

We enjoy writing about the intersection of technology, people and work – so naturally, we love working with clients in HR, ER, and HCM. If you have a content project you’d like to discuss, please do get in touch.

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