As B2B tech copywriters, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ audiences, value propositions, and language – and we organise ideas for a living. So it’s probably not surprising that client-side marketers and our B2B agency partners often ask us for advice and support outside of the writing itself.

To be clear, we’re still just copywriters; we’re not a marketing agency, and we’d never claim to be. We can’t advise you on marketing strategy, content distribution, social media, or SEO. We don’t do design, and we won’t execute your campaign.*

But if your writing work could benefit from a little wrap-around support – say, to clarify your brief, to align your messaging, to help your own team to write consistently, or to generate content ideas – we’re well-placed to help.

We deliver this support as a number of clearly-defined services:

B2B positioning, messaging and persona workshops
Between sales, marketing, management, and different divisions, it’s surprisingly easy to lose sight of exactly what you sell, how, and to whom. So it can be valuable to get key stakeholders together and thrash out exactly what messages will resonate with which audiences.

We typically talk with brands who are starting out, taking stock, or commencing a major content project, like a product launch or website refresh.

Voice and tone workshops and guides
How your brand sounds is every bit as much part of your identity as how it looks. All your hard work positioning yourself in the market can be undermined if your writing sounds too formal, too childish, to stuffy or too dull – or if you can’t adapt your tone flexibly, to suit to your reader’s context.

We use B2B tone of voice guides every day, and we know how long, impenetrable, and (worst of all) indistinguishable they can be. We’ll work with you to develop something bespoke, practical and distinctive – that reflects your business, and suits your needs in the real world.

Creative planning for B2B content
When you’re so close to the work, it can be difficult to step back and work out what your audience will be interested in. It can be helpful to have an external writer to represent your customer, research your market, and come up with compelling content ideas.

But of course, there are any number of ways you can use space in a writer’s brain. We’ve named initiatives, services and events, created content and conference themes, and of course slogans and straplines are a natural fit. If you need creativity on tap, we’re here to help.

B2B copywriting training
Great B2B tech copywriters aren’t born; they’re made. Here at Radix, we’ve built our business on growing our own writing talent – with a structured training, mentoring, and coaching approach that’s taken a decade to develop.

If you’d like your people to write more effectively (or to get better at evaluating written work and giving constructive feedback), we can provide relevant, tailored training for you, with a clear focus on B2B marketing work.

We’re always happy to chat about any aspect of our content consultancy, workshops, creative planning and copywriting training work. Feel free to drop us a line, or call +44(0)1326 373592.

* We do, however, work with a number of excellent partners who can do all these things and more besides. If you’d like a recommendation, just ask.

“ Radix simply understand our business. Their versatile and engaging writers help us create content with a voice that speaks to our different target brands and stakeholders. Radix are strategic as well as great creative story-tellers; they always go the extra mile to meet our needs, and this is the reason we consider Radix our trusted partner. ”

- Natalie Edwards, Director of Marketing, CACI Ltd

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