It’s hard, coming up with creative ideas. Especially when you’re busy and immersed in the daily realities of the work. How can you be expected to be original, or to look past your stakeholders and work out what your customer really needs to hear?

As B2B copywriters, we know all about that challenge. We spend our days finding fresh angles, new ways of explaining things, and approaches that reframe the familiar and make people take notice.

So here’s an idea. If you’ve no headspace to be creative, why not rent a little space in ours?

Creative planning and idea generation services

We help B2B agencies and in-house marketers alike to come up with ideas – for everything from complicated tender documents to (in one case) B2B branded fruit juices. Most often, though, we’re asked for:

B2B content ideas

If you’re in B2B tech, there’s a good chance we already know your  market. We understand your audience. We see the questions people ask, the language they use, and the content that’s already in the world. It’s only a small jump from there to spotting the gaps, and suggesting topics, angles and formats that are likely to stand out and help you achieve your aims.

Overarching campaign and event themes

When you’re faced with a mountain of content, speaker outlines and corporate priorities, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. That’s why marketers sometimes ask us to help them package up events and campaigns with a coherent, overall message or theme, and present it in words that’ll resonate with key audiences.

Names, slogans and straplines

We don’t offer a company naming service – that’s a dark and delicate art with legal ramifications, and it’s best left to a specialist. But we are very good at summarising complex ideas in a few simple, compelling and unexpected words. And that means we’re great at slogans and straplines, and coming up with catchy names for products and services. We’ve named everything from surveys to reseller partnership schemes.

How creative planning works

  1. It’s really very simple. First, we take your brief, and glean as much relevant information from you as we can – and we back that up with desk research, and even speaking to your customers if it would help.
  2. Then, we spend time thinking of creative ideas and approaches that meet your brief, and homing in on the best options.
  3. Finally, we’ll report back with a clear, focused list of constructive ideas. You can prioritise them, act on your favourites, work your way through the options, or use them as a jumping-off point for your own creative process.

Importantly, the process is tailored to you. So if you want to brainstorm in person, or if you don’t need a detailed write-up, that’s fine; we’ll account for that in your quote.

To find us more about B2B creative planning, drop us a line… or call +44(0)1326 373592.

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