In a crowded B2B market, your content has to work hard to be successful. It needs a great concept, a clear target audience, and genuine value for the reader. It also needs powerful writing… and that’s exactly where we come in.

Great B2B content writing is tricky. It balances engaging, readable text with the technical authority to be taken seriously.

It’s a rare copywriter who can balance the two, let alone put that writing into a structure that’ll keep a decision maker reading to the end. Rarer still if they have the knowledge to hold a meaningful interview with a subject matter expert.

At Radix, we know this because we’ve been collecting and training those writers since 2008. And using those abilities to write standout marketing content for the brightest B2B tech brands. Content that performs on search and social. That drives leads. That gets a marketer noticed. (We love being a client’s secret weapon.)

Below, you’ll find some of the content formats we write day in, day out. Want us to write something that isn’t listed here? Sounds exciting; let’s talk about it.

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Blog posts

Blog posts that showcase your SMEs’ expertise. Blog posts that promote your gated content pieces. Blog posts that celebrate your customers’ success stories, or engage with current affairs and industry trends.

The blog post is a hugely versatile content format. It can do all of the above and more – while helping to keep your website fresh, and contributing to your SEO rankings.

Quietly, this format has become the cornerstone of B2B content, used by 89% of B2B marketers. At Radix, we’ve seen that growth firsthand, writing hundreds of blog posts for tech brands worldwide. Our price list features six different types of blog, from event write-ups to long, in-depth articles. Contact us about a blog writing project.

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Ebooks and long interactive formats

If you want to educate an audience about a detailed subject, the ebook is your friend. It gives you the space to go into some depth, and give the reader real value in exchange for their time (or, if you gate the content, contact details). But it’s also a format that can be attention-grabbing and easy to scan.

While there are still plenty of ebooks published in the time-honoured PDF format, a growing number of B2B brands are using more interactive and trackable alternatives like Turtl. Whichever approach you choose, we’ll write in a way that makes the most of the format and gives your designer plenty to work with.

If you’d like more information, we have a separate page on ebook copywriting, and you can find an example of a Turtl story here.

Alternatively, contact us, and we’ll discuss your ebook needs.

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White papers and research reports

Traditionally, white papers are used to educate and influence customers in the “consideration” stage of their buying process. They’re aware of an issue or opportunity, and want to dive deeper to explore the implications and potential solutions in a focused and businesslike way.

The content itself might be detailed practical advice, substantiated opinion, or an exploration of some original research.

In any case, your writer will need the skills to extract the most important insights from your subject matter expert, and create a solid, logical structure that holds the reader’s attention over several pages. And most importantly, they need to write in a way that’s specific and detailed, but never feels like hard work to read.

We have a whole page about white paper content writing if you’d like more information – or you’re very welcome to ask us about your project.

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Case studies

B2B case studies are especially effective because they combine social proof (the comfort of knowing you’re making a popular choice) with clear, relevant evidence to support your marketing claims.

There are other benefits too. Like strengthening relationships with sales colleagues, making your customer feel valued, and – most important of all – having someone else sing your praises. After all, anything a customer says about you is far more powerful than any marketing message you might make for yourself (however well we write it).

But writing a good B2B case study isn’t easy – and we should know, we wrote a pretty-much-definitive guide to it. You need to know how to conduct an interview that gets the important details, and produces quotable comments that stand out in your copy. And build a story that makes the customer, and not the brand, is the hero – so your prospect can put themselves in your client’s shoes.

Our case study writing page will tell you more about our approach, from individual stories to managing ongoing case study programmes. Or you could drop us an email to tell us what you need.

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Video scripts

Most B2B videos aim to tell a complex story, quickly and persuasively – whether they’re demonstrating a product, laying out a business case, or teasing an upcoming release. Whether they succeed is usually down to the script.

Our team has written scripts for typography videos, animated videos with voice overs, whiteboard videos, social media trailers, live action videos and more.

The knack is to balance the visuals on screen with the voiceover off it. Where there’s a lot of information to deliver quickly (and there usually is), putting too much information in the voiceover can make your video seem confusing, dull, or even patronising. So, we’ll often provide visual direction alongside the words, to help you animator or filmmaker and provide context for the signoff process.

You’ll find more about our approach on our separate script writing page, or you’re very welcome to email us about your video project.

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Web copy

Web copy projects often need a volume of pages, based on input from different departments and experts, but written in a consistent style and delivered with a short turnaround. Our team of in-house B2B copywriters – with project management support – can help to keep a project on track.

As a result, we’re often asked to provide copy for new websites, microsites, and web copy updates. We slot into the project team alongside UX designers, SEO experts, developers and translators to fit copy delivery within the broader project schedule.

We also write standalone landing pages, long-format scrolling web pages, and SEO-focused articles. We’re by no means SEO experts, but we know how to implement your keyword and LSI research, and translate search intent into the page your online audience most wants to read. Please do email us if you’d like to know more.

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Podcast, webinar and event scripts

We don’t just write video scripts. Our clients also ask us to shape their messages for live and recorded webinars, online presentations, and live events like conferences, speeches, and awards citations. The trick is to write in a way that feels natural when it’s read aloud – and in the speaker’s authentic voice.

Occasionally, we also script podcasts. It’s a medium we know well, having run our own B2B copywriting podcast since 2013.

We can take a fully scripted approach or, more usually, combine scripted sections with outline points to guide a more organic discussion.

Want to know more? Feel free to ask us about it.

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Sales enablement collateral

When it’s important that sales and marketing are aligned around key messages and sales points, marketers often ask us to translate their content to equip sales colleagues and channel partners.

Formats we write regularly include:

  • Sales decks and presentation scripts
  • Cheat sheets and battle cards
  • Briefing and leave-behind materials

If you’d like to contact us, we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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Infographics, SlideShares, and visual content

Conducted some original research? We can help you spot the story in your findings, structure key statistics to tell it effectively, and frame it in a way that captures your audience’s attention – and drives their next steps.

Although we’re writers, not designers, we understand how to tell a compelling narrative that works visually, and to shape our copy to fit the limits of a graphic brief.

We’d love to hear about what you have in mind.

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Atomised and consolidated content

Often, one piece of B2B content can do double duty, and drive several different formats – multiplying your value from a briefing, interview, or piece of research.

The type we see most often is content atomisation, where one large piece of content is broken down and repurposed into smaller assets for promotional use. For instance, the chapters of an ebook might spawn a series of blog posts with the same themes, each tempting the reader back to the full version with the promise of more.

Alternatively, a page of graphics illustrating key facts and figures could become a standalone infographic in its own right – ideal for social sharing, and again leading the audience back to its source.

We’ve also worked with clients on content consolidation – effectively, the same process in reverse. A series of blogs can be adapted and combined after the fact, with a wraparound introduction and conclusion, to create an ebook or even physical asset to drive leads or act as sales collateral.

If you have a large asset like a white paper or research report, and you’re wondering if has hidden extra stories to tell – or if you’d like to turn a blog series into a more substantial asset drop us a line. Our writers will give you an honest idea of what might be possible. And likewise, if we’re working on your content and we see a way for you to get more value, we’ll let you  know.

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Co-ordinated and ABM content programmes

At Radix, we write excellent standalone pieces of content – so of if you have a specific brief in mind, we’d be delighted to hear about it. But if you want a content partner across a larger, co-ordinated programme, that’s where we really come into our own.

Having a whole squad of in-house writers and project management specialists means we can build you a team to deliver consistent, high-quality content with minimal fuss.

And that’s perfect for:

  • Sector-based ABM campaigns, adapting hero content assets for each account
  • Ongoing thought leadership work, interviewing in-house experts or guests
  • Rolling case study programmes, without the stress of organising the interviews
  • Building brand content from the ground up, or refreshing website copy

We’re happy to help with content audits, run editorial boards, and support you as you shape your messaging and voice – whatever you need to create content that makes a difference for your business.

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But enough about us; let’s talk about you

You made it this far. You must have some questions or ideas, or an inkling about what you need. We’re really curious to know about that, and to see whether we can help. (Even if we can’t, we can likely recommend someone who can.)

Please, drop us a line.

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