ABM content writing: TCS retail campaign

This award-nominated ABM campaign – raising Tata Consultancy Services’ profile among retail decision-makers – needed us to write 29 bespoke reports in four weeks.

BOOKED BY: Quantum Marketing Group, for TCS
TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior Retail Decision-Makers

Fiona says:

Account-based marketing gets talked about a lot, but it’s really hard to get right.

When Quantum approached us for help with an ABM campaign for their client Tata Consultancy Services, the way they planned to tackle the project got us really excited about the possibilities.

The aim was to raise TCS’s profile with senior decision-makers in UK retail organisations – by creating a unique piece of content for each recipient.

Each bespoke report would explore the recipient’s real challenges and aspirations, drawn from information revealed in annual reports and media interviews. It would then present TCS as a consultancy that could help the individual decision-maker – and the target account as a whole – to achieve their goals.

The kicker: We only had four weeks to research and write 29 reports. The Radix team sprang into action, appointing two researchers, two writers, two reviewers and a project manager. We read annual reports, scoured through press articles, interviewed key stakeholders at TCS, assembled facts, figures and quotes, and drafted copy for 29 personalised content pieces.

Quantum’s designers flowed our approved copy into a smart template, and we wrote a personalised cover letter for each one. Then it was down to Quantum to execute the campaign: sending out the reports, and following up with each recipient by phone.

More than three quarters (77%) of decision-makers who received the content actively engaged with it: a significantly higher response rate than traditional methods of outbound marketing, and a great demonstration of how a well-executed ABM campaign can be a highly effective way to engage a senior-level audience.

(And then there was the B2B Marketing Award nomination for Best Use of Content Marketing…)

A truly successful ABM campaign for TCS, a feather in the cap for Quantum, and a wonderful ABM copywriting assignment for Radix.

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