SkillSurvey: “Beat Your Hidden Hiring Biases” eBook

SkillSurvey wanted to make the case for rising above gender, age and race biases, and hiring diversely. We took a scientific approach…

BOOKED BY: Velocity Partners
TARGET AUDIENCE: Recruitment Managers, US

Kieran says:

Giving your potential customers accurate, helpful advice, on an issue that really matters. In theory, that’s what content marketing in is all about. It’s rare, however, that a brief gets it this right.

SkillSurvey prides itself on putting the science into recruitment – few other B2B solution providers can say their results have been scientifically validated and published in a peer-reviewed journal. It was with this spirit that I approached the eBook, making a case for diverse hiring that’s underpinned by statistics at every stage.

(I was encouraged in this forensic approach by the sheer quantity of background information provided in the brief. I’ve never seen so many hyperlinks a single Word doc.)

Hard facts were also the key to keeping the reader on-side: no one likes to think they make biased decisions, but science has repeatedly shown the opposite.

I’m proud of this eBook because it’s what the client asked for: a genuinely useful text, with an important message. If you want to know why hiring for diversity matters, and how to remove your own hidden biases, check it out.

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