Mitie ebook: How to succeed at decarbonisation

An ebook designed to showcase Mitie’s decarbonisation capabilities.

The hero asset of a broader content strategy, How to succeed at decarbonisation highlights the five biggest barriers to decarbonisation – and helps readers understand how they can overcome them. It positions Mitie as a leading voice in the decarbonisation space.

CLIENT : Mitie
AUDIENCE: Senior leaders in operations, finance, and estates

Decarbonisation is a major issue for organisations of all sizes, and especially those with sprawling property portfolios. This ebook is designed to promote Mitie’s decarbonisation expertise, and help readers see how they can overcome the major obstacles that stand between them and Net Zero.

It has already proven very popular – especially with Mitie’s major public sector clients.

Senior Copywriter John says: “Mitie are a client who are always open to our ideas, so working with them often feels like a true collaboration. It’s also not every day that you get to write about a topic of genuine importance to wider society. Decarbonisation is one of those topics, so it was great to feel like this piece was in some small way contributing to a greater good.”

Find out more about our approach to ebook writing, here.

“We are so delighted with our partnership with the Radix team. The ebook has already proven to be very popular, with several high-profile public sector clients downloading. In fact, our CEO has recently highlighted it in a letter to his peers.”

Maria Winn, Chief Marketing Officer, Mitie

image shows front cover of ebook How to succed at decarbonisaton by Mitie a Radix client

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