Thoughtworks article series: Data Mesh in practice

Thoughtworks’ partnership with Roche was a milestone in the company’s journey with Data Mesh — taking the approach beyond theory, and bringing it to life for a large healthcare organisation.

CLIENT: Thoughtworks
ASSET WRITTEN: Article series
AUDIENCE: Technical decision makers, and data and system architects

This article series explores how Roche and Thoughtworks achieved this important milestone, inspiring others to begin a Data Mesh journey of their own.

“Data Mesh in practice” comprises four articles:

(The four pieces were then compiled into an ebook.)

Senior Copywriter Steve says: “The article series solidly achieved the goal of communicating the practical learnings from an implementation of Data Mesh in a large corporate environment. The Roche implementation was a key milestone in making Data Mesh a reality. Naturally, there was a lot of excitement about that in the team, which made this detailed and important story fun to put together.”

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Screen shot: the first of Thoughtworks four

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