Whether you’re planning a one-off piece or a full programme of content, you need it to be written by copywriting professionals who understand your business and your customers’ needs. We work with in-house and agency-side marketers to write content for B2B marketing campaigns that engages, informs, persuades and converts.

We write for a range of content marketing projects, with formats covering B2B’s entire sales and marketing funnel:

  • ebooks and white papers
  • visual content and video scripts
  • websites and microsites
  • case studies and press releases
  • infographics and comic strips
  • blog posts and LinkedIn articles
  • brochuresnewsletters and even ads

…in fact, there’s so much that we’ve produced a copywriting price list, which keeps things simple and helps our clients to get a quick idea of what we’ll charge for the kinds of content we’re asked for most often.

But really there’s no limit – new forms of content are emerging all the time as content marketers get bolder and more experimental. Essentially, if it needs copy, we can write it. You’ll find some examples of client projects here.

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Call us on +44 (0)1326 373592 or email info@radix-communications.com for a quote for your content development project, or to find out more about how we can help.

“ We’ve worked with Radix to create a bank of content for every stage in our marketing and sales funnel. The Radix team has written web copy, ebooks, slideshares, checklists and blog posts – all conveying Tectrade’s technical authority in a tone of voice that is light, easy to read, and which differentiates us from the competition. ”

- Ayaila Mir, VP Sales, Tectrade

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