Podcast: Content writer v copywriter – is there a difference?

Is there a difference between content writers and copywriters – and which should you choose? We take a look at why a distinction needs to be made and why you should care.



Does your project need a copywriter or a content writer? Or does it need both? Could you hire one and not the other? Or are they basically the samething?

These were just some of the questions we were left asking at the November Bristol Content Group’s Big Content Skills Debate, organised by Valuable Content and hosted at The Real Adventure Unlimited.

Clearly, different writers’ strengths suit different tasks. A writer who’s excellent at writing blog posts may struggle with writing an ad, for example.

In the US, copy is often seen as persuasive, sales-focused writing, where content is more informative. Could that same distinction help marketers in the UK to hire the right kind of writer?

Knowledge gap

In this episode of Good Copy, Bad copy, I talk with Fiona and David about this issue, and also the wider subject of The Big Content Debate: the skills gap currently facing marketing.

It includes interviews with:

Listen now to find out:

  • Are copywriters and content writers suited to different tasks?
  • Is copywriting purely about persuasive writing?
  • Does content marketing try to sell?
  • Are there types of content that marks out content writers from copywriters?
  • What skills are needed for today’s content marketing?
  • How important is collaboration in writing and creating content?
  • … and more

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