Podcast 62: content strategy, and how B2B web writing has changed

When design is so often the focal point of new website projects, how can copywriters go above and beyond to deliver exceptional web copy?

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In a world where design dominates new website projects, copy often comes as an afterthought, or gets overlooked completely.

But why?

Great web copy is a vitally important part of any website. Get it wrong, and your customers will likely drop off because it doesn’t give them anything useful. Get it right though, and you get better page views, less page drop-off, and – most importantly – more conversions.

In the latest episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, David and Fiona talk about writing web copy, content strategy, and what it takes to run a successful web copy project from start to finish.

Listen now to learn:

  • How we recently managed a successful web copy project for a large international client
  • What you should consider when briefing a writer on a web copy project
  • How strategist Irene Triendl sees the crossover between copywriting and content strategy

We also announce which piece of content is the latest to make it into our B2B Content Hall of Fame this month.

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