Podcast 94: how to write great content for ABM (now that *everyone* is doing it)

What kind of content stands out, now ABM is so popular? To find out, we talk to Accenture’s Head of ABM for Europe, Rhiannon Blackwell. Plus, a Customer Experience Manager tackles the Anonymous Five.

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This month’s episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy is about how to write Account-Based Marketing (ABM) conhttps://radix-communications.com/type/podcasts/tent that sticks.

I’ve been in this B2B technology copywriting business for a few years now, and I can think of few approaches that have flourished in that time as much as ABM. Everybody is doing it, and it’s easy to see why: when it works, it *really* works.

But that also means ABM content needs to work harder than ever to make an impression. And that’s why we’re delighted to have Rhiannon Blackwell, head of ABM for Europe at Accenture, join us to share her expert insights into what content actually works.

Radix consultant writer George Reith joins David as guest co-host, to discuss his own experiences – as well as the ABM challenges cited most by our lovely B2B friends on LinkedIn and Propolis.

Plus, senior copywriter Katy shares a 20-second writing tip, and a CX Manager takes on the Anonymous Five.

ABM is for life. Not just for Christmas.”

Those are the first words you’ll hear from Rhiannon in this month’s episode. (Sure, it’s March, but it’s the sentiment that counts.) You see, the meteoric rise of ABM is more than just another fad; it’s arguably the future of B2B marketing.

But how do you do it well?

Drawing on years of experience, Rhiannon tells us:

  • How to get people to listen to *you* and not just see your ABM content as the output of a faceless brand
  • Why your clients must recognise themselves in your ABM content – and the importance of applying personal insights
  • What effective ABM content really looks like and why you should never tell your audience how to suck eggs

In this episode, you’ll find…

02.30 – An expert’s view on ABM content: our interview with Rhiannon Blackwell

22.30 – George and David discuss the interview and how George’s ABM experiences compare

34.30 – The LinkedIn and Propolis communities share their own ABM challenges

45.25 – The Anonymous Five: a Customer Experience Manager talks job misconceptions and reveals why generational stereotypes are rarely helpful

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A huge thanks to Rhiannon Blackwell for joining us despite being on the cusp of maternity leave (and congratulations on the arrival of baby Ivor!).

Thanks also to our correspondents on Propolis and LinkedIn: Shikha Saxena, Fiona Campbell-Howes (Hi, Fiona!), and Scott Stockwell. We loved sharing your perspectives.

And of course, we’re indebted to our mystery CX Manager (we’ve made a donation to the Myton hospices on your behalf), and to Katy for supplying our inaugural copywriting tip of the month.

Podcast editing and music by Bang and Smash.

Ben P

Ben is a versatile writer who came to Radix with years of experience as a marketing copywriter and, before that, as an entertainment journalist. With a keen ability to ask the right questions at the right time, Ben is adept at digging into complex topics and finding high-value hooks that help make high-impact content.

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