Podcast 39: What’s so hard about writing engaging B2B marketing content?

Consistently, B2B content marketers find it hard to create content that audiences give a damn about. But what’s the big challenge – and what can copywriters do to make it engaging? Listen in, and find out.

If you haven’t heard already: producing engaging content is the top challenge for 60% of B2B content marketers. The issue is right up there with measuring the effectiveness of content marketing, and just being able to consistently produce enough good content to go into marketing and sales funnels.

Like our founder, Fiona Campbell-Howes, pointed out in B2B Marketing’s Content Marketing Benchmarking Report 2015:

Creating engaging content is a pressure that’s only going to intensify for marketers – especially as the brands with big budgets plough more of their cash into New York Times-style newsrooms and Hollywood-grade videos.

Here at Radix, this is a challenge we have to overcome every day. So in this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, Fiona, David and I share our thoughts on why it can be tough to produce engaging content and share our secrets on exactly how we do it.

Listen now to find out:

  • Why good content starts with a good brief
  • The importance of giving your audience something of value
  • Why the way you feel about your project can make or break the results
  • How creating content for the sake of content kills engagement
  • … and more

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