Radix Copycast Episode 18 – How to write for B2B on Twitter

This time we’re looking at writing tweets for B2B brands to use on Twitter. What steps can copywriters take to write tweets that make click-through and sharing rates soar?


Twitter can be a powerful channel in B2B technology marketing, second only to LinkedIn. But success depends heavily on your copy – and with only 140 characters or fewer to play with, it’s a big challenge for a writer to create something that’s on-message, eye-catching, and compels people to click or share.

@ mentions and hashtags (#) have been a big part of Twitter since its launch, but can feel like they’re using up a tweet’s valuable character count when a tweet may need to contain a shortened URL and a picture link (tweets with images can receive 150% more retweets that tweets without images).

I’m joined by John and Steve to discuss what copywriters can do to make sure their tweets punch above their weight, and whether there are some elements to the social platform that simply don’t best serve a B2B audience.

Listen now to find out:

  • How to be succinct on Twitter
  • The art of hashtags
  • Ways to encourage people to click on links
  • When it is and isn’t okay to use @ mentions

… and more

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Please excuse the echoing in this episode, we’ve moved into new offices and our podcast fort isn’t quite able to handle the new sound demands.

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