The B2B Content Audio Blog #6: how to interview subject matter experts

Give us six minutes, and we'll give you six weird interview questions to transform your next content piece.

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Here’s a thing nobody tells you about being a B2B content writer: it’s not just about writing. You also need mad interviewing skills.

You see, most really good B2B content starts in the head of a subject matter expert. And it’s usually your writer’s job to get it out.

In this short audio blog (like a proper blog, except we read it out loud so you can do something more interesting instead), we reveal six surprising questions we use to get beyond the same-old content, and create something our client’s audience will really love.

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“Looks like we got ourselves a reader…”

If you’d rather read George’s questions for yourself, you’ll find them in his blog post 6 weird questions we ask subject matter experts (and why).

And here’s that guide to interviewing B2B experts that we mentioned in the recording.

Or, if you’re happy listening and you’d like some more, try our monthly discussion podcast Good Copy, Bad Copy: the B2B Copywriting Podcast. The next one’s a B2B comedy special!

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