Podcast 61: what can you buy to improve your B2B writing?

If you want to be a better writer, what's the best purchase you can make? George joins David and Fiona to discuss…

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Every writer has a bit of kit they swear by. Monitors, software, file storage – you name it, someone has an opinion on it.

And as it turns out, George has a lot of strongly held opinions about these things.

In his recent magnum opus, The Professional Copywriter’s Essential Kit List, George gave us a detailed run down of the most important tech a copywriter – or, indeed, a marketer who often finds themselves turning their hand to writing – should have to do their best work.

And in this episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, he joins David and Fiona to discuss those key purchases in more detail, and answer questions about computers, word processors, and keyboards (which are more complicated than you might expect).

Questions like:

  • Does a copywriter need a Mac, or are you better off with a PC?
  • Is there a realistic alternative to Microsoft Word?
  • Do you need a standalone audio recorder, or will your smartphone do?
  • Should professional copywriters use Grammarly?
  • What is a mechanical keyboard switch (and are they worth the money)?

To help, we have some excellent contributions from our friends on Twitter, giving opinions on their best-ever work purchases, so thanks again to Tom Albrighton, Laura Sutton, Leif KendallAnna Gunning, Matt Turner, Lyssa-Fêe Crump, and everyone else who gave us their input.

We received lots of recommendations, including for Airstory, WriterDuet, oTranscribe and Deskmate. (You can see the whole thread on Twitter, here.) And Fiona calls ProWorkflow “one of the most effortless pieces of time recording software that I’ve ever come across”.

You’ll also hear from the rarely seen Kieran Haynes of senior copywriter and content lead fame, as he adds his nomination to our B2B Content Hall of Fame: the CB Insights newsletter.

(Oh, and the first thrilling instalment of “Fiona talks about chairs”.)

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