Radix Copycast Episode 17 – Storytelling in B2B, the final frontier

Captain’s log, stardate 67928.2*: These are the voyages of the Radix Copycast, our mission: to discuss copywriting and its role in business-to-business marketing. Interested in exploring whether storytelling in B2B content marketing has evolved since stardate 66679.8 (2013), we set off towards Earth…


This episode is an update to and complements episode 3 of the Radix Copycast.

Storytelling seems to be climbing back up the agenda in content marketing, judging by the number of blog posts and articles we’ve seen recently. But what exactly do we mean by storytelling in marketing, and what kind of storytelling techniques can copywriters adopt?

Fiona and I welcome back television comedy writer James Henry (Green Wing, Smack the Pony, Campus), to talk about the structure of classic storytelling and how it can be adapted for content marketing.

Listen now to find out:

  • What ‘storytelling’ actually means in B2B marketing
  • How to create believable, empathetic characters
  • What it means to break down a three-act structure into 60 seconds of video
  • Which of the seven basic plots can be easily applied to B2B marketing

… and more

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Music by Industrial and Marine.

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