The B2B Content Audio Blog #1: B2B blog length and pricing

In the first audio blog of our new pilot series, David recaps why blog writing is getting more expensive... and why that's actually great news for B2B marketers.

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In recent years, changes to search algorithms have started rewarding quality. That’s just one reason why blog posts are getting longer, better researched… and more expensive.

This is the first of our new audio blog series, putting some of our most popular, interesting and useful content into an easy, listenable format.

In it, David recaps his 2017 post: Good news for clients: we’re raising our blog writing prices.

It explains why we’ve added new, longer blog options, and built in extra time to our other posts too. Now that search algorithms reward quality, we want to spend more time creating better thought-out posts.

You’ll also hear about:

  • The six kinds of blog post we write most often
  • The benefits of longer, better-researched content
  • Why the average blog just keeps getting longer

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