[Video] The Radix Christmas Wrap-Up: Our thoughts on 2014 and wishes for 2015

Watch the Radix team (every last one of us, despite Kieran’s protests) share their thoughts on the last 12 months in content marketing—and their dreams for the coming year.


As a specialist B2B technology copywriting agency, we get to see what a *lot* of tech brands are doing with their content. So this year we’re bringing you our insights in the form of the inaugural Radix Christmas Wrap-Up video (thank you for the title, George!)

For the video, we asked each member of our core team to offer their personal perspectives on:

  • The trends we’ve seen, as B2B copywriters, in 2014
  • The trends that will rule B2B content marketing in the coming months
  • The one work thing we’re all desperately hoping the New Year will bring

We’ve been impressed by the ways our clients have evolved their use of content this year – it’s been great to see so much creativity and experimentation, and it’s thrown us some fantastic challenges as writers. We’re hoping this explosion of imaginative, thoughtful content continues and that B2B marketing doesn’t stagnate and become set in its ways. As Steve says:

“Best practices are really widely documented now, so I think people really need to keep it fresh, keep it fun and try to surprise their audience. Don’t fall into routines – that’s my wish.”

What did we think of B2B content in 2014 and what do we wish for 2015? Watch now to find out:

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(Props to Paul Blewitt for producing and editing the video – thanks Paul!)

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