Getting Started with B2B Podcasting

What do you need to start podcasting? We’ve produced a not-too-techy guide for first-time podcasters.

In Mics, scripts and feeds I explained that podcasting is coming back, big time. Why? Podcasts allow you to develop a repertoire with your audience, which is critical in B2B.

podcasts anywhere anytime by notfrancois

I’ve been podcasting since 2008 and currently produce two podcasts: the Radix Copycast (at work) and Nerds Assemble (outside of work). Not only am I responsible for co-hosting these podcasts, but I’m involved in all stages of production, from outlines to recording, editing to uploading.

I included ten tips for novice podcasters in my original post, but there was always more that could have been said for the technical aspects of podcasting.

  • Are you hungering for more information on how to podcast?
  • Don’t understand how a podcast hosted on your website goes onto iTunes?
  • Wondering whether you need to fork out for expensive audio hardware or software?
  • Unsure how to add images to audio files?


These questions and more are all answered in our latest presentation, which also includes links to useful resources such as how to obtain theme music and software options.

It’s about far more than mics, scripts and feeds:

That’s it for now. Please check out the latest Radix Copycast here and feel free to send me any podcasting questions via the comments or to @radixcom on Twitter.

Header image “Podcasts anywhere anytime” by francois schnell used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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